Google CEO Salary – What Is the Salary of Google CEO per Month?

The Google CEO salary is among the highest paid salaries in the world. Let us delve deeper to know about the salaries of all the Google CEOs to date.

The chief executive officer’s paycheck has always grabbed the attention of people, with top CEOs’ salaries being scrutinized and discussed. The CEO of Google is one such job position whose salary has been the buzz around the world for years. Google is recognized for its innovative developments, and the CEO is accountable for directing the company towards achieving its goals.

In this article, we will discuss the salaries of the Google CEOs, factors determining the Google CEO’s salary, the benefits and perks the Google CEO enjoys, Google CEO per month salary, and other important aspects concerning the CEO of Google salary per month.

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List of Google CEOs and Their Salaries

Discussed below is the list of Google CEOs to date and their salaries:

  • Larry Page, co-founder of Google with Sergey Brin in 1998, was the company’s first CEO. Page was CEO from 1998 to 2001 and again from 2011 to 2015. Page had a base salary of $1 per year as CEO, with the rest of his income from stock awards and incentives.
  • Eric Schmidt became Google’s second CEO in 2001, earning a salary of $250,000 plus an annual performance incentive. He received 14,331,703 shares of Class B common stock valued at $0.30 per share and 426,892 units of Series C preferred stock valued at $2.34. In 2004, Schmidt agreed to a base salary of US $1 until 2010, with additional remuneration of $557,465 in 2006, $508,763 in 2008, and $243,661 in 2009.
  • Sundar Pichai took over as CEO when Larry Page stepped down in 2015. Pichai joined Google in 2004 and swiftly advanced through the ranks to become CEO. Pichai’s base pay in 2023 is $2 million per year. The total salary package, including stock awards and incentives, is projected to be around $280 million.
Google CEOs History and their salaries

History of Google CEOs and Their Achievements

Here is the list of all the Google CEOs, along with their details and achievements.

CEOLarry PageEric SchmidtSundar Pichai
BirthdateMarch 26, 1973April 27, 1955July 12, 1972
BirthplaceLansing, Michigan, USAFalls Church, Virginia, USAMadurai, Tamil Nadu, India
EducationB.S. in engineering from the University of MichiganGraduate studies at Stanford UniversityB.S. in electrical engineering from Princeton UniversityM.S. and Ph.D. from UC BerkeleyB.S. in metallurgical engineering from IIT KharagpurM.S. in Material Sciences and Engineering from Stanford UniversityMBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Pre-Google CareerCo-authored influential papers on web search algorithmsHigh school at East Lansing (1987–1991)Technical positions at IT companies including Sun Microsystems and NovellWorked at McKinsey and Company and Applied Materials
CEO Periods at Google1997 to August 2001April 2011 to July 2015August 2001 to 2011August 2015 to Present
Notable AchievementsMIT Technology Review’s Innovator Under 35 (2002)Marconi Prize (2004)Ranked 136th-richest person in the world by Forbes in 2011Served on Apple Inc.’s board of directorsInstrumental in the development of Google products like ChromeBecame CEO of Alphabet Inc. in 2019
Net Worth (as of provided data)$1.85 billion USD$7 billion USD$600 million USD (approximately Rs 5,900 crore)

Factors Determining Google CEO’s Salary

Google CEO monthly salary is determined by various criteria, including the company’s performance, the CEO’s expertise, credentials, and industry norms. For Google’s CEO position, the pay cheque is greatly determined by the company’s performance. Google is one of the biggest and most valuable companies, and its sales and profits have progressively increased over the years. The CEO’s expertise and credentials also determine the remuneration.

Sunder Pichai has played a crucial role in the development of many different Google products for over 15 years. He also finished his schooling at top universities, adding to his credentials.

Other Perks and Advantages Enjoyed by Google’s CEO

Apart from the salaries, the Google CEO enjoys numerous rewards and perks. Sundar Pichai’s salary package includes stock awards, which account for a significant portion of his total income. These stock awards are commonly attributed to the company’s success and can be valued at millions of dollars. Pichai also earns bonuses depending on the performance of the company and his competence as CEO. Other advantages include a personal security package, reduced travel costs, and health insurance.

The Present Google CEO – Sundar Pichai

Pichai Sundararajan is the original name of Sundar Pichai, an Indian-born American. He was born on June 10, 1972, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. His mother was a stenographer, and his father was an electrical engineer at GEC. He has multiple degrees. He completed Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, then MS from Stanford University and MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he became the prime scholar student.

Sundar Pichai is married to Anjali Pichai, who is a chemical engineer. She is from Kota, India. Anjali and Sundar met at IIT Kharagpur, where they were studying together. They have two children. Pichai received the Padma Bhushan in Trade and Industry in 2022 from the Government of India. Before Google, Pichai had worked at McKinsey & Company as a management consultant and at Applied Materials as well.

Sundar Pichai is the current CEO of Google. He is the driving force behind Google’s search engine results page, and his ambition has helped build the firm into what it is today. He became the chief executive officer of Google in 2015, replacing Larry Page. He joined Google in 2004 as the head of product management and has worked on several different initiatives, including Google Pack, Gears, Gadgets, Google Chrome, Google Drive, and Google Apps.

He swiftly ascended through the ranks and was appointed CEO of Google in 2015. In 2022, he was among the highest-paid CEOs in the world, and his yearly income will astound you. The monthly salary of Sundar Pichai has always been a hot topic. From factors determining the Google owner salary to the salary of the Google CEO, this article is a detailed description of queries regarding Google CEOs.

Sundar Pichai Salary Per Month- Google CEO Salary in 2023

Sundar Pichai’s base salary in 2023 will be $2 million per year. This means that Sundar Pichai monthly salary is approximately $166,666 per month. However, his total paycheck package is much higher than this amount. In addition to his base salary, Pichai has stock awards and bonuses, which make up the majority of his paycheck package. In 2023, Pichai received a stock award worth $275 million, which vests over four years. He also receives other benefits, such as access to private jets and security services. Additionally Sundar Pichai net worth is estimated to be $1.3 billion as of 2023.

Sundar Pichai Salary per Month in Rupees 2023

  • Sundar Pichai per month salary in rupees is approximately 176 crore plus.
  • Sundar Pichai salary in rupees is approximately 242 million per year.
  • Sundar Pichai salary per day in rupees is around 5 crore.

How Much Is the Net Worth of the Present Google CEO?

Salary of Sundar Pichai per month is $2 million. The assessed net worth of Sundar Pichai is approximately 1.3 billion dollars as of February 22, 2022. Mr. Pichai holds over 17,292 units of Alphabet Inc. stock worth over $9,630,414 and has sold GOOG shares worth over $1,012,278,620 in the past 7 years. In addition, he earns $280,622,016 as Alphabet Inc.’s chief executive officer and director. If all of Pichai’s shares, investments, and Google CEO salary are included, his total assets in 2023 will be USD 1,310 million or USD 1.31 billion.

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What Can We Learn From Sundar Pichai?

Sundar Pichai has had a remarkable career journey, and so he is an inspiration for millions of people across the world. Being born into a middle-class family, it was not very easy for Pichai to reach where he is right now. With limited resources and many hurdles, he still found his way to create a benchmark in Indian history.

We have many lessons to learn from the life journey of Sundar Pichai. First, hard work and dedication are the only ways to achieve success. There is no shortcut to success. Secondly, if you do your work honestly and know your worth, nothing can stop you from reaching great heights in your life. Thirdly, you should have markable skills that are on-demand in the present to achieve high levels of success. The fourth and last lesson is to be patient throughout life. Perseverance and patience are the only ways to be successful throughout life.

Google’s CEO Pay Impact on the Company and its Workforce

The paycheck of the CEO can have a tremendous impact on the company and its workforce. A high salary demonstrates employees’ work is appreciated and the company is inclined to invest in their progress. It can also help the company recruit the best talent to advance in the competitive world.

FAQs on Google CEO’s Salary

The frequently asked questions on Google CEO’s Salary:

Google CEO salary per day
The salary of Google CEO is around Rs 5 Crore per day.

Who has been the Google CEO to date?
The following people have been the Google CEOs to date:
1. Larry Page
2. Eric Schmidt
3. Sundar Pichai

Is the CEO position a high-paying job role?
Yes, the CEO position is one of the highest-paying job roles worldwide. The salaries of CEOs across the United States currently range between $59,000 and $150,000 per year. 

What is the present Google CEO’s salary?
Sundar Pichai’s Google CEO base salary is around $2 million per year as per the projections by Google for the year 2022, but he also receives other compensation and benefits.

When was Sundar Pichai hired by Google as a manager?
Sundar Pichai was hired by Google as the head of product management and development in 2004.

Which CEO has the highest salary in the world?
The top four highest-paid CEOs in the world are:
1. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla: $36.2 billion.
2. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple: $1.3 billion.
3. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company: $600 million.
4. Thomas Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications: $493 million.

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The Google CEO salary per month (Google CEO monthly income) has been the buzz around the globe for decades and will continue to be so in 2024. The tech company’s chief executive officer’s salary is determined by the CEO’s performance, the company’s progress, the CEO’s expertise, the competition in the market, the size of the company, and various other aspects.

The salaries of Google CEOs are among the highest paid in the world. The present Google CEO Sundar Pichai monthly income is approximately 176 Crores. Total salary package includes various benefits and perks that make his salary much higher than his base pay of $2 million. Sundar Pichai plays a vital role in several projects at Google and has a demonstrated track record of success there. His dedication plays a significant role in propelling the company’s growth.

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