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Did you know that we are witnessing a spectacular tipping point in the coworking industry. According to Cushman & Wakefield, the demand for coworking spaces is set to rise 5X by the year 2025. With the rise of millennials in the workforce and COVID restructuring the way we work, the industry is looking at tectonic shifts in the future.

The coworking industry has built itself a new niche since the COVID breakout. Remote working has become the primary mode of operation for all employed professionals and many coworking spaces have modelled that opportunity to work in their favour.


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As the work-from-home norm prolongs, people are looking for alternate solutions to remote working. Sure, coworking spaces have redefined their operations taking necessary precautions, building on safely distant workstations and encouraging a culture of digital closeness and physical distancing.

This is an era to rebuild ourselves and offer a rebranded service that puts customer safety first and does not comply with the older practices of the coworking industry. In these uncertain times, as more than 50% of the working population rethinks long term solutions to remote working, coworking companies have the chance to grow as the much needed alternatives in the COVID era and beyond.

myHQ helps partner spaces revive and grow

myHQ partners with top coworking spaces in different cities and helps them grow their occupancy, revenue and visits to boost their business and helps them overcome any bottlenecks or challenges their space faces.



In the past, we have partnered with some cool, upcoming coworking and shared offices enabling them to not only cut on operational costs, increase their sales but also expose them to newer customer segments and contribute towards their long term success.

Here’s how myHQ partner spaces have revolutionized their businesses in the last month.

1. 90% Occupancy since myHQ Partnership

myHQ has been dominating Delhi NCR by building valuable partnerships with many of the coolest local coworking spaces. One of our partners in New Delhi hit a snag while being operational since 6 months. Here’s how we turned this issue into a success story.

Where: South Delhi

Relationship: myHQ Partner space

Problems faced by the space: High unfulfilled Vacancy

On average, the partner space was losing out on revenue from 30 seats/day. Operating at 70% capacity every day, the space partnered with myHQ and within the span of 2 months, their occupancy grew to 90% with an additional revenue of INR 80K/ month.

How did we do it? The myHQ Flexi plan is flexible and affordable curated especially for working individuals. We have a groundbreaking reach and customer base for these working professionals and individuals. We narrowed the occupancy gap for our space with our expert marketing.


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2. 95% jump in revenue exclusively with myHQ

A new space listed exclusively with myHQ leveraged their partnership to get exposed to new users and build a recurring customer base since their launch in one of the most competitive cities, Gurgaon.

Where: Gurgaon

Relationship: myHQ Partner space

Problems faced by the space: Drive customers from scratch to a new coworking space

Running a coworking space among huge veterans in Gurgaon is not easy. Our newly launched partner made smart moves early in the game and got themselves exclusively listed on myHQ. As their exclusive partners, we didn’t let them down- we introduced them to potential customers and helped them market their brand. Within 4 months of the launch, their revenues grew from 10% to 95%!

Needless to say, they’ve launched a second space (exclusively with us!)

How did we do it? The space was completely new to the market and needed increased revenue to grow. myHQ targets startups, small companies and teams with its Dedicated Seats plan. All we had to do was redirect our leads- Gurgaon based teams to our newest space!


3. 5X revenue for Virtual Office Space

Providing virtual office spaces has a large profit potential for coworking spaces. myHQ services new, modern and remote businesses with spaces across India for their virtual office needs. One such space in Central Delhi synergized with myHQ to boost their sales.

Where: Central Delhi

Relationship: myHQ Partner space

Problems faced by the space: Get new customers for in-office services

Businesses often expand from their place of genesis or acquire adresses in new cities for compliances like GST or better brand representation to clients. We found an easy and quick solution for our partners in Central Delhi to boost their revenue. In 4 months, their sales grew 5X!

How did we do it?  myHQ Virtual Office Product allows new and expanding businesses to buy office addresses in premium Indian cities without having to pay for an entire physical office. It’s one of our more creative alternatives to remote businesses and is a a promising product. All we had to do for our partners was to help them market their space to such a customer segment using suitable channels.

You could be in the next myHQ Partner Success Story!

If you are looking to make the most out of your spaces whether that includes operating at a higher capacity, minimizing costs, improving sales or marketing channels and tapping into new markets, reach out to our amazing team at myHQ and we would love to discuss and help with your goals!

If you are not a partner with myHQ yet, well then what are you waiting for? Get your space listed here.

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