Perfection in our next coworking cafe; Imperfecto

There’s something ironic about how everyone’s story starts somewhere different from another – and the correlation of that thought, with our search of workspaces, equally different from each other. Strengthening our spirits to do so – our big space launch of this week goes to the very famous chain of cafes; Imperfecto.

Not only have we embarked our journey with a culturally-fit chain of a cafe; we’ve also bought in, not one, but four locations of Imperfecto onto our ever growing list of workspaces on myHQ.

What makes this collaboration most meaningful is Imperfecto’s ‘perfect approach towards’ differentiating each cafe from the other. Millennials today look at uniqueness & individuality as a part of their lives, be it while choosing a cafe to work from or the career choice they make.

This ‘perfect approach’ of Imperfecto in differentiating their cafe experiences from one another; fulfils our pursuit of diversifying our workspace choices to work from & therefore letting our users choose a space that fits them just right.

Although each space welcomes everyone and anyone under the sun – Imperfecto makes a great space for creative individuals, freelancers, and early-stage startups.

Users interested in working out of Imperfecto will enjoy 1+1 on beverages and a 10 percent discount on their bills. We have over 110 reserved spots across all the four Imperfecto locations; giving our users the potential to look for a larger audience to collaborate with.

Let’s take a quick visual tour of the 4 locations we’ve collaborated with:

1) Imperfecto Ruin Pub | Ansal Plaza

Imperfecto Ruin Pub - Ansal Plaza

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2) Informal by Imperfecto | Janpath

Informal By Imperfecto - Janpath

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3) Imperfecto | Hauz Khas Village

Imperfecto - Hauz Khas Village

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4) Imperfecto Rainbow | Noida 

Imperfecto Rainbow - Noida

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