Onward Coworkx: The 24 Hour Coworking Space In Okhla For Individuals & Teams

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on many businesses. As a result of the lockdown, the daily workings of countless businesses got disrupted. That is why unlocks across the country has become a cause for cheering. One could expect when more parts of the country continue to open up, economic activity will gain momentum, and things would return to normal.

Also, once work resumes after lockdown, office workspaces will require physical and behavioural space modifications, which are radically different from the pre-pandemic era. In this new era, companies need to treat their office space uniquely, as workers will behave differently than they have been before. Businesses will have to adjust to this new standard in which everyone practices social distancing, employees will wear masks all the time and people will become more concerned with hygiene.

In recent months, many leading thinkers even started questioning the necessity of large offices. The past four months have shown that white-collar workers can work remotely as efficiently as they do from an office. Businesses now know that their workers can work as effectively from remote locations, and they don’t need to pay sky-high rent for office spaces.


Importance of coworking spaces

As the pandemic is easing and many organizations are looking to resume their regular business, coworking spaces are all set to be the first choice for many. Businesses across the country would think of abandoning highly priced commercial real estate in favour of more flexible and less costly coworking spaces. Employees who need to attain an office can work from offices, whereas others can work out of these smart coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are the most flexible in terms of rental contracts as well as the requirement of spaces. In terms of cost-efficiency and working environment, coworking spaces hold a huge advantage. In addition to collaborating with their colleagues, coworking space workers can collaborate with workers from other firms as well as freelancers.

Furthermore, businesses cannot continue to operate from home for a long time because most of them have roles that involve a high degree of centralized control and are only possible in a structured office environment. Such companies are highly dependent on the office infrastructure for productive work. Coworking spaces provide perfect solutions for such situations focussing more on the working environment based on a detailed plan along with a collaborative environment.


Onward Coworkx: The 24 Hour Coworking Space In Okhla

Are you looking for a coworking space in South Delhi for you or your employees? Then you should check out Onward Coworkx located at the most premium industrial area of Delhi, Okhla Phase II. This is a vibrant and uniquely designed coworking space for budding entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate clients.

Onward Coworkx - coworking space at Okhla

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Onward Coworkx puts together a professional and social environment with different types of work and meeting spaces. This coworking space in Okhla has got a variety of facilities aimed at promoting the remote working models adopted by different organizations.

You can also rely on this coworking space for business connections, and the improvement of professional networks. Here professionals who work together share their experiences and expand the reach of their businesses.



Onward Coworkx, the 24-hour coworking space in Okhla Phase 2 is centrally located at Okhla industrial estate. This venue, conveniently connected to the central part of the city, offers almost every person in need of office space a convenient, safe, and hygienic workplace.  The Harkesh Nagar Okhla metro station is within walking distance and the E block bus stand is just 4 mins away from this place.

E 44/3, Pocket D, Okhla Phase II, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110020 (Get Directions)


Amenities Offered

What makes this space the most preferred choice in South Delhi is the quality of amenities offered. Enjoy a seamless work experience at Onwards Coworkx with:

  1. Free fast internet: Do you need fast internet for your work? Well, in that case, this coworking space in Okhla is perfect for you. Here connectivity is seamless and is intended to assist businesses and individuals with an efficient workflow. Rest assured, all your connectivity based work is going to be smooth here.
  1. Complimentary Office Stationery: Onward Coworkx provides you free office stationery for your daily works. This coworking space in Okhla provides you with all the necessary office supplies at your place, so you don’t have to run around the market to collect goods.
  1. Accessing meeting rooms: You can also access meeting rooms in this coworking space for your team meetings and business discussions with your clients. This coworking space in South Delhi offers you a fixed number of meeting hours with the rental of your workspace.
  1. Power backup: Electricity is the cornerstone of any office space designed to ensure efficiency. Onward Coworkx is well fitted with power backups emphasizing the value of 24 * 7 power supply.



In the coworking world, Onward Coworkx is one of the most trusted brands, and they have always kept their pricing flexible and accessible for all.

  • Flexi Pay-per-use Plan: Starting at INR 200 per day
  • Dedicated Desks starting at INR 5999 per month
  • Private Cabins starting at INR 7999 per month


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How is Onward Coworkx Different?

1) 24×7 Access

An office space running 24X7 can be a boon for your company. This coworking space in Okhla offers round the clock availability. Give your business a boost and utilize your time efficiently by working night shifts at this coworking space in Okhla.

2) In-house gym

In recent times, professionals are looking for adaptable spaces that encourage health and fitness. This coworking space in South Delhi has incorporated wellness in their spaces as well, installing in-house gym facilities. Now take great care of your health while working at this coworking space.

3) In-house cafe

Onward Coworkx provides its members with unparalleled hospitality with an in-house café. Start your day with a freshly made coffee or healthy tea and set your productivity for the whole day.

4) Multiple free benefits

This coworking space in Okhla offers unique benefits that are absolutely free of costs like printing facilities, internet connectivity, and office stationaries. This features eventually helps you to reduce the cost of your business operations.


So, if you have just started with your business and are confused about which place to choose, visit Onward Coworkx! You will find a perfect coworking space where you can achieve all your work goals. Get going with the best services available to you at this wonderfully designed coworking space in Okhla.


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