A dull business is one that is entirely focused on work. Also, you can’t devote all of your work hours to leisure.  Providing fun experiences for your employees as occasional diversions is an efficient way to help them form positive relationship connections and also make them feel valued. You can try out a variety of engaging leisure options while looking for something interesting to do with your coworkers. There are multiple places to go for team-building activities in and around Delhi NCR.


Planning leisure activities for your corporate employees

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan

Recognize that each employee has their own specific interests and hobbies while organizing team-building activities. Try a fitness challenge if the majority of the employees a sports fans. Have a good time with Halloween costume competitions and theme days. Diversity programs should consider cultural holidays and activities if your employees are members of different ethnic communities. Your imagination is the only limit while planning for team building and leisure activities for corporate employees.

We are all aware of the value of employee motivation at work. As a result, it’s critical that we engage in events that raise the employees’ spirits in these places. However, identifying things that accommodate everybody is challenging. So, here’s a list of great things that are both enjoyable and works a catalyst for team-building activities.



7 Fun spaces to host company leisure activities in Delhi NCR


1. Host a Brainstorming Session at ExeCube

ExeCube places to go for team building activities

Work-focused team building is always possible, and it’s always the best kind. The key is to concentrate these brainstorming sessions on broader team goals rather than everyday achievements. Perhaps you can make a list of your KPIs for the remainder of the quarter. Or, your team’s plan has become outdated, and you’re searching for ways to breathe new life into it.

You can pick a place like ExeCube where you can use their lounge to host such brainstorming activities. ExeCube is a boutique co-working space located in sector 4 in Noida. They also have an innovative cafeteria inside their premises where your employees could spend their leisure time and get rejuvenated.

Check out ExeCube here!


2. Arrange for board games at My Offiz

workspace Images

Let’s start with the simplest and most practical option on the list. It’s not only easy to put together, but it’s also attractive and cost-effective.

The trick is to avoid choosing games that are dull! Nothing is more frustrating than a dull board game! Choose games that are among your all-time favourites. Break up the teams and mix them up so that each one is special. For particular games, you can also divide large teams into smaller groups.

Don’t play board games during the lunch hour! That is most likely the worst thing you can do! Organize the games during working hours or as an after-hours get-together.

My Offiz is one of the most premium co-working office networks. Among all the places to go for team building activities, this is having one of the best facilities for board games along with a pool table and breakout area.

Check out My Offiz here!


3. Marketing concentration at Amigo

Amigo places to go for team building activities in Noida

This game is a spin-off of the famous concentration game from the 1960s. You have 30 tiles, all of which are facing downwards. There is an identical tile for each tile somewhere. Each player is only allowed to look at one tile at a time. When the next tile is selected, the previous tile is turned around. The aim of the game is to flip a row of matching tiles.

You may add a marketing twist to this game by adding marketing slogans and company logos, which the participants must match.

A few of these individual games can be put in to mix it up a little.

Though there are several places to go for team building activities in Delhi NCR, you can pick a place like Amigo located at Sector 8, Noida.  They have got a Snooze room and chill-out zone, where you could host some innovative concentration sessions along with your co-workers.

Check out Amigo Coworking here!


4. Team into groups at Workplex

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This is an intriguing one that encourages creative thinking. It will assist your employees in seeing similarities between seemingly unrelated objects. A mental exercise is not only entertaining, but it can also help you become more efficient in the long run.

Start by collecting a few random objects and placing them on a large table. The number of products should preferably be greater than 20. Make sure the things don’t have any clear connections between them.

The aim of the game now is for the players to sort these things into classes. Your staff would be forced to think beyond the box to categorize these things because they are random and initially unrelated. Have them write their categorizations on sheets of paper so that they can be evaluated later.

For these kinds of activities, you can pick a place like Workplex. Located in Noida, It is a space for independent professionals who are looking for a well-balanced work environment. Workplex has got a lounge and an open terrace where you can arrange this type of group games. Since this game needs mental stretching, it will also boost the productivity of your workplace.

Check out Workplex here!


5. The barter challenge at Innov8

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This is just another exciting game. It normally lasts between one and two hours. This game not only tests the employees’ cooperative skills but also their negotiation and decision-making abilities.

You should first split people into equal-sized classes. Each group is now given a separate, equally difficult jigsaw puzzle. The team that completes the jigsaw puzzle first wins!

The puzzle pieces are mixed together with the puzzle pieces from other categories. The team must persuade the other teams to trade parts with them in some way. Teams trade bits, negotiate, and even swap team members in this scenario.

This type of workplace fun necessitates a high degree of problem-solving and team-building efforts. If you are looking for places to go for team-building activities like this, then you should pick Innov8.

Innov8 Co-working offers premium & beautifully crafted office space where people can create, connect, and grow their businesses at Gurugram.  Innov8 hosts people from diverse backgrounds such as digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate employees, and startup enthusiasts.

Check out Innov8 here!


6. Scavenger hunt at Alt F

places to go for team building activities Alt F

This is also one of the most famous leisure activities for corporate employees, and it never fails to entertain. This form of workplace fun would help to bring the workers closer together and encourage team building.

This game’s basic concept is rather straightforward. Divide the office into equal-sized classes. Hide a few things that each team must identify before a deadline. Provide hints and a puzzle to help you find the secret pieces. The team that locates all of the objects first wins!

Extend the reach of the scavenger hunt to make it even more enjoyable with a co-working space like alt-f co-working space in Gurugram. Alt F provides collaborative spaces conducive to productivity and growth. Just make sure your riddles are clear and point to the correct spot.

Check out Alt F here!


7. Karaoke night at Workspaze

Kinnoti Hub-places to go for team building activities

What better way to encourage your workers to come out of their shells than to make them sing karaoke? You might even hold a competition to see who can perform the best group karaoke performance. If there are feather boas and cowboy hats involved, you get bonus points. This is best suited to a more extroverted audience, so if yours isn’t interested in strutting their stuff on stage, consider one of the other ideas on this list that is more suited to certain personalities.

To conduct such team-building activity at a large scale, hire a place like Workspaze. This co-working space located in Connaught Place provides premium office space in a prime location in Delhi. Fully furnished offices with good interiors and ample lighting provide a perfect atmosphere for you to work and take your company to greater heights. It has got a dedicated event area, where you can conduct such activities.

Check out Workspaze here!


Summing it up

These icebreakers are a win-win for improved efficiency and a livelier workplace. Fun activities at work can seem to be an excessive extravagance, but they are an integral component of maintaining a healthy work environment. Employees find it difficult to be creative because they are constantly burned out.

There is no harm in increasing the effectiveness of these with easy enjoyable activities. Fun events at work provide much-needed breaks for your workers and help you build a more productive workforce. Furthermore, having a friendly workplace serves as a positive employer brand. As we all know, a strong employer brand is critical for reducing employee turnover.

Even if there are a lot of places to go for team building activities, the above-mentioned spaces provide an ideal atmosphere to conduct such activities.

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