Bangalore will not be working from home anymore!

Work from home has insidiously taken over our lives.

Over 41% of the Indian workforce is staring directly at work from home burnout.

We’ve spent more than half of 2020 working from the confines of homes. While it was a refreshing change of pace at first, monotony has long set-in as professional and personal lives continue to get entangled. Office-goers have been constantly complaining about technical failures. Distractions from personal life and feelings of isolation and boredom dominate their work hours.

Employers and managers are struggling every day to reboot general productivity and ensure smooth communication across teams all while being 100% remote. More than we like to admit, we want to return to a workspace that resembles our own (pre-COVID).

It’s time to redefine remote working…

Mental health experts argue your creative juices flow best in a relaxed and dedicated set-up.

Constant interruptions, families overlooking your shoulder or even the deafening silence of a studio apartment will take away from your productivity.

But going back to the office involves battling the possibilities of being COVID+. While we toss that solution out of the window, a very real problem lurks large- what is the long term solution to the obvious evils of remote working?

An office desk closer to you, maybe? A workplace that resembles a real office?


Urban Vault coworking space in Bangalore

What do we mean by a coworking space in Bangalore?

Consider a typical workday in your life. You take charge daily, blurring lines between personal breaks and a tight work schedule. You end up working longer hours because the Wi-Fi died mid-way, your back hurts because you changed work stations constantly or you were dragged into personal affairs.

Let’s change that a bit! Let’s consider a coworking space in Bangalore?

You work out of a café or a workspace closer to your house. Your new workspace is completely equipped to keep you safe and takes care of all your needs until you decide to call it a day.


coworking space near me

myHQ Flexi Pass- Your ticket out of WFH

myHQ Flexi Pass is an initiative to allow people to work from the comforts of a personalized workspace, empowering them to exercise complete flexibility over the way they work.

1. Visit Based Plan for every coworking space in Bangalore

Our Flexi Plan encourages you to try out your new office in-person! Before you make a decision, you can check out the vibe of the space and reserve your seat accordingly.

You pay for the days you visit and there are no hidden charges for days you decide to stay at your home office.

2. No expiry. No renewal.

Your Flexi Pass has no expiry!

You might want to step out only once/twice a week. Choose your day of visit and book a seat without worrying about subscription or renewal. Your myHQ Flexi Pass stays right there with you for every rainy day.

3. Free-Trial

On the fence about the idea? No worries, just walk into a myHQ space of your choice and explore the workday benefits for free before you make a choice.


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BHIVE HSR station coworking in Bangalore

Gear up Bangalore, we’ve come for you!

In a bid to rescue working professionals in Bangalore from their own homes, we have now launched myHQ Flexi Pass for different locations all across Bangalore.

Here’s what we’re bringing to Bangalore…

1. More than 40+ myHQ locations

Whether you are a creative person looking to flesh out ideas that pop in your brain almost constantly or working with people- holding meetings and brainstorming in teams connected virtually, we have a myHQ to suit your needs.

Work out of a coworking space in Bangalore with a dedicated seat or in a more casual set-up, at a café. Choose your own office that is nearest and most convenient for you!

2. We hate commute too, Bangalore!

myHQ spaces are closer to you than you think.

You might be worried longer hours of commute increase your chances of contracting COVID, and that’s why we’ve set up a myHQ coworking space in Bangalore every 2 km of your reach!

3. Safety-first workplaces

All spaces are adapted to suit your work needs, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Work out of centers that are only 50% occupied, completely sanitized, and thoroughly checked to follow safety precautions while the rest of the world battles hard against the virus.

4. Work with like-minded people

myHQ hosts millennials taking charge of their work-life on their own terms. After spending months on end working in complete isolation, here’s your chance to break free and work with a community that thinks much like you.

Grow, network, and bounce off ideas all the while maintaining a 6 feet safe distance!

5. We have got ’em perks!

We take care of all your work needs and beyond.

Experience the fastest Wi-fi without worrying about dropping out of meetings or poor connection, free office supplies & any other work service you can think of.

You can also save up to INR 2L making the most of myHQ member benefits. Need help with finance, tech, HR, or legal services, find an easier way here.

6. We take your breaks seriously

We know you’ve spent work breaks running after needless house chores or fixing quick bites to eat for the most part of this year.

No more, Bangalore! myHQ workspaces spoil you for choices when it comes to snacks and beverages. Grab a cup, enjoy free coffee and get the break you actually deserve from your office.


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myHQ Flexi Pass is for all of Bangalore!

myHQ Flexi Pass is for every millennial who looks for flexibility in the way they work. You can be a creative freelancer looking for inspiration in a café or spearheading a business vertical working with a growing team.

You might be a business owner or entrepreneur starting out with your groundbreaking ideas or running around the city to catch a breath between meetings. Whatever your profile, myHQ Flexi Pass has you covered for your workspace needs.

You can browse the different locations listed on our website or app and access your most preferred office space all with one pass. Check out our listings here and book your own space on demand!

BHIVE- Koramangla in Bangalore

It’s time to say no to the monotony of work from home.

Get ready to bolster your professional network. Connect with like-minded young, aspirational over-achievers all across coworking spaces in Bangalore.

Before long term ailments or mental burdens set in, we have to creatively challenge the status quo and redefine the way we work. myHQ spaces are on a mission to not let Bangalore work from home anymore!

Your closest modern offices, cafes, lounges are waiting to be your next workspace. Are you ready, Bangalore?


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