OYO brings back the office wali feeling!

We can all agree that we’re missing the office wali feeling!

Most of us are trying to balance personal morning routines with early work hours or late night work that interferes with sleep cycles. For those who’ve managed to work out a healthy schedule, they still miss the work banter with colleagues.

Have you also been thinking about the coffee machine chitchat, the washroom breaks and the feel of the office? Well, you’re not alone. We’ve heard from people all across wanting to break free from the monotony of work from home.


Everyone’s looking for the Office Wali Feeling!

Work from home has definitely not been easy. Both productivity and morale have taken a hit over time. For sure, we’ve laughed over someone’s home office fails during meetings but somewhere everyone feels the need to return to office.


OYO fighting the good fight!

OYO offers alternative workplace solutions to people looking to step out of the confines of their homes. It’s as easy as walking to your nearby center with your laptop and plugging into your work!

OYO Workspaces offers flexible workstations starting just INR 1999 per month! These workspaces are fully equipped to handle any office requirements right from meeting rooms to beverages along with a community that shares the same struggles as you. Check out how to get the full office wali feeling back here!


Internet Hilarity of Home Office stories is short-lived!

The internet is surely having fun with stories of people working from home. While memes and social media posts provide the much-needed relief at the end of a long workday, the struggle behind every story is real. Return to office is becoming increasingly important to share workplace camaraderie. With your teammates working together on a project, you really feel your productivity surge throughout the day.


Mute-Unmute dichotomy

mute mics- team meetingsHow many disruptions per meeting from someone who accidentally didn’t turn their mics off on time?

Or how many times was an active speaker drowned out by the noises in the background? Let’s face it.. homes weren’t meant to be places of work.


Virtual Meetings overkill

virtual meeting- home office fatigue

Another major home office struggle is the number of virtual meetings to be had in a day.

Sure virtual meetings were supposed to increase ease but they have also caused a lot of exhaustion. Meetings are a collaborative exercise and the spirit of teamwork gets railroaded with too many virtual meetings.


The same view

home office view from windowsWaking up to set up your workspace in the same house has taken over the daily pre-COVID commute to the office. We’ve all had our fun with working in casuals from different rooms in the house, but more often than not we miss the coworker who sat next to us in office.


Running after your team

home office fatigue

There used to be an easy way to find out when someone was on a break. A physical absence from their seat was a huge hint.

With work from home, you do not always know where your team member is. Sometimes catching hold of someone might take longer than your lunch break.



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While the challenges of work from home remain endless, the fears of contracting COVID are still very real and dominant. Commuting to work every day is ruled out completely yet we need to get that office wali feeling back.



How to get the office wali feeling back?

We’ve all met or spoken to concerned people including the company HRs and managers constantly urging us to take breaks, get moving and periodically shift our work desks to encourage physical activity. These fixes are short term. The pandemic is here to stay and it’s now time to get creative with our work culture and spaces.

An alternative to making a return to office would be to get creative with our current lifestyle. A shared sense of community around you is better than working in a remote void. Working in small teams is sure to get the ball rolling on the productivity front. It will foster the spirit of teamwork in a very real way and get you to feel that office wali feeling!

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