Top 131 Drone Companies in India Flying High with Their Business

Drone Companies In India: Drone technology provides a wide range of uses and benefits. Its range will continue to grow and significantly influence how we live our daily lives in the near future. India’s drone startup ecosystem is only getting started, and private players would provide it with a much-needed competitive edge that would add value and dynamism. Drone manufactures in India help to boost productivity in a variety of industries, including agriculture, smart cities, construction, and surveying.

Also, the leading drone companies in India have a ton of chances thanks to the demand for smart avionics and the rising defense budget. By creating a regulatory framework by 2020 and a more in-depth policy by 2025, the Indian government is aiding in the promotion of greater drone industry growth. So let’s take a look at some of the most exciting Indian drone companies.

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Best Drone Stocks To Invest In 2023

The top Indian drone companies exploding the stock market in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Hindustan Aeronautics
  2. Zen Technologies
  3. RatanIndia Enterprises
  4. Paras Defence and Space Technologies
  5. DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations

Factors to Consider Before Investing In Drone Stocks

The factors to be considered before investing in drone stocks are as follows:

The factors to consider are as follows:-

  • Profitability- Which drone manufacturing company is profitable in the market? So, one must decide whether to invest in recreational drone manufacturing companies or defence companies manufacturing drones and so on.
  • Market Share: The investors must look at the competitive landscape as well as the market share of the drone companies in India. The drone companies are either established or are startups.
  • Market Potential- Since the drone manufacturing companies are limited to only certain sectors in India, it becomes essential to look into the potential market size and growth of these companies before investing in them.
  • Revenue– An investor must also see which company is generating the desired revenue for the drone segment in the country. It is also crucial to look into which company is doing well in terms of financial performance as well as management-wise.

Top 131 Drone Companies in India

The leading drone manufacturing companies in India are listed below, along with information on their development and upcoming drone technology plans:

1. Aotom Technology

aotom nurturing AI- drone companies in India

Drone technology, geophysical services, AI, data analytics, facial recognition, and blockchain technology are all areas of expertise for Aotom Technology. The start-up provides machine learning services, regression methods, pattern recognition, NLP text mining, and text captioning, among other methods, to analyze a person’s face and the earth’s surface.

Because of its experience, it can choose the best algorithm based on the data structure, patterns, and intended results. The startup provides complete solutions and services for business and technology teams of organizations to deploy AI/ML in many business lines thanks to its experience in digital technologies, platforms, and the business area. It makes for an honourable mention in the list of drone companies in India.

2. Aarav Unmanned Systems

Aarav Unmanned Systems- drones companies in India

Aarav Unmanned Systems, which was founded in 2013, provides complete drone solutions and is one of the biggest drone companies in India. AUS provides a drone, an operator, and a cloud platform for data analysis as part of end-to-end integrated solutions for drone applications. It was also one of the three businesses that the government shortlisted to map India’s 600,000 villages.

Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) and Grip have signed a groundbreaking, exclusive lease agreement worth INR 3.75 Cr. By utilizing lease finance for more than 50 drones, Grip will make it possible for AUS to develop new revenue streams as part of the agreement. The firm claims to be profitable and has had yearly revenue growth of 25% over the last three years.

3. Kadet Defense Systems

Kadet Defense Systems

Kadet Defense Systems was founded in the year 2011 and has been a market leader in UAV manufacturing and services ever since. It is a private deep tech company in India that concentrates on building advanced drone systems. Kadet Defense Systems belong to the industry of Manufacturing , and Aerospace & Defence, with the headquarters being in Mumbai.

Their products are indigenously manufactured with over 50% of the product being Indian and they support the pledge of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The products manufactured by Kadet Defense Systems are essentially built for threat emulation for air defence training and weapon. Basically, it is one of the leading defence drone manufacturers in India.

4. Adani Defence and Aerospace

Adani Defence and Aerospace

The Adani Group explored into the defence space industry in the 2017 and Adani Defence and Aerospace was established. The vision of Adani Defence & Aerospace is to help India achieve self-reliance in security and defence. In a short period of time they have managed to support the Indian Armed Forces and other significant military forces in India with tactical communication systems, electro-optical systems, unmanned aerial systems and more.

The fully owned subsidiary of Adani Enterprise Ltd., Adani Defence is the first to establish India’s first unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturing facility.

5. Enercomp Solutions

enercomp logo

Enercomp, a startup in artificial intelligence, offers services utilizing UAV “drones” and a range of sensors for effective and dependable data collection and processing, as well as high-standard analytics to derive insights from the data. Enercomp’s solutions can serve a variety of industries, from agriculture to industrial services to defence, thanks to its exclusive technology.

6. Optimized Electrotech

optimized electrotech drone companies in India

Optimized Electrotech, a defence technology startup, creates domestic surveillance systems for security forces, national assets, defence, and aerospace businesses. According to this startup, it offers precise, usable, and real-time knowledge about surroundings using autonomous, field-upgradable, secure systems. Thereupon, it serves to be one of the top drone service providers in India.

The startup wants to develop cutting-edge surveillance systems, new products, and additional prototypes for the railroad industry, smart city, and intelligent border projects.JS

7. Skylark Drones

skylark drones

End-to-end drone-based solutions from Skylark Drones give insights to support corporate growth. Skylark’s product, Spectra, and Drone Mission Ops attempts to offer geospatial analytics to businesses. Worksite intelligence, platform integrations, and API access are all made possible by Spectra. On the other side, Drone Mission Ops offers fleet and project management for large businesses and individual operators to plan and carry out drone missions.

The computer vision program used by Skylark analyses aerial imagery to provide its clients with insights particular to their sector. To help and streamline better business decisions and strategies for its clients, the startup intends to further develop insights from its drone data. Additionally, it wants to promote the growth of its drone data analytics-based solutions and product extension into foreign markets.

8. General Aeronautics

General Aeronautics drone companies in India

General Aeronautics, a drone-based solution provider for crop protection, farming, and yield monitoring services in the agricultural industry, was founded at the Indian Institute of Science. Additionally, it provides medical solutions to both public and private organizations. The members of its team have decades of combined experience working for international research and development organizations.

General Aeronautics offers an all-inclusive crop protection solution that includes mapping and survey drones in addition to its Krishak agricultural drones, an agro app, and a hub.

Adani Defence Systems and Technologies, a division of Adani Enterprises, purchased a 50% share in General Aeronautics in May in an all-cash transaction. Prior to this, Mela Ventures provided INR 6.5 Cr in the drone startup’s Pre-Series A fundraising round.

9. IoTechWorld

Drone Original Equipment Manufacturer IoTechWorld logo

Drone Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) IoTechWorld produces drones for use in surveillance, surveying, and agriculture.

IoTechWorld intends to promote homegrown goods as part of the “Make In India” campaign. It plans to increase the number of company-owned service stations it has in 10 states across India. It now has roughly 25 dealers throughout India and plans to eventually have 100. IoTechWorld will introduce its long-range drone models, capable of traveling 50 to 100 kilometers.

10. ideaForge

ideaforge drone companies in India

Drone manufacturing business plan UAV systems for mapping, surveillance, and inspection are produced by ideaForge. Its solutions are applied in a variety of industries, including defence, home security, mining, building, agriculture, energy, and utilities. This particular company is a leading company to suffice the category of drone components manufacturers in India.

According to its website, ideaForge has completed more than 220K end customer missions and holds 20 patents. The Middle East and North American markets are two areas where it wants to grow. Additionally, it intends to develop highly integrated solutions for its primary application areas of mapping and surveillance. The drone startup is required to deliver 200 drones as part of its deal with the Indian Army. Indeed, the list of drone manufacturing companies in India will be incomplete without this.

11. TechEagle Innovations

TechEagle innovations - drone companies in India

For last- and middle-mile deliveries, there is a new drone logistics airline called TechEagle. TechEagle already has authorization from the Indian government and regulators (DGCA) to conduct package delivery BVLOS flights in different regions of the nation.

The business intends to expand operations in India, introduce new homegrown products, and hire across functional lines.

12. Throttle Aerospace Systems

Throttle Aerospace- drone companies In India

For the mining and agricultural industries, Throttle Aerospace provides drone solutions. Additionally, its drones are used for surveillance and the capture of aerial pictures. Its staff has more than 15 years of experience in the aerospace and defence industries. So, it is one of the great drone making companies in India.

Throttle is the first DGCA-approved drone manufacturer for civil drones, according to the website. The Ministry of Defence has also granted it permission to manufacture combat drones. In Kolar, Karnataka has a production facility that is 10,000 square feet large.

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13. UrbanMatrix

urban matrix

Urban Matrix Technologies is an expert in micro drones and gives businesses easy access to the potential of aerial data.

UrbanMatrix offers world-class proprietary software infrastructure and experience designing and producing industrial drone systems. It enables businesses to easily gain operational insights using integrated aerial data processing capabilities in addition to controlling and managing drones. The business intends to intensify its research and development efforts, expand its market reach, and provide industry-specific solutions across verticals.

14. Vecros

Vecros- drone companies in India

Vecros drones are more autonomous thanks to inbuilt cameras and CPUs that can mimic human behavior. Vecros drones are also known as one of the best drone company in India. The startup’s first aerial robot was produced by a small student group working on drones from the IIT Delhi campus. The company now specializes in ML, aerial robotics, control systems, robotics sensor tech, and autopilots. In order for drones to match the capabilities of a pilot, Vecros has created JETPIXTM, an operating system for them that uses AI and computer vision algorithms to make intelligent judgments.

The solutions from Vecro are designed for use in industrial AI applications. It focuses on monitoring, optimization, and improved stack or fleet management. It offers solutions for the oil and gas industry, construction, mining, and agriculture.

15. DCM Sriram Industries

DCM Sriram Industries- drone companies in India

Another renowned drone business in India that is developing drone technology is DCM Sriram Industries. In August 2021, the Indian business DCM Shriram Industries announced purchasing a 30% stake in a Turkish drone manufacturer. India had previously invested $1 million in this Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturer, Zyrone Dynamics.

16. Infoedge India

infoedge drone companies in India

The parent business of numerous well-known websites in India, including Naukri, 99Acres, Jeevansathi,, and many others is Infoedge India. Being early adopters in the Internet sector, they consistently make investments in the future, with drone technology being one of the most important.

Infoedge India has invested in and purchased interests in Skylark Drones, a business that strives to develop the fundamental framework for the world drone ecosystem.

17. Zen Technologies Limited

Zen Technologies logo

Zen Technologies is an Indian small-cap drone technology firm that was founded in 1993. They are developing heavy lift logistics drones, and their anti-drone system detects, categorizes, and tracks drones using video sensors.

The fact that Zen Technologies has secured orders from the Indian Air Force for Rs 1.6 billion for the delivery of CUAS, or counter unmanned aircraft systems, can be used to understand their rise in drone technology. In addition to drones, Zen Technologies also creates training programs that prepare soldiers for combat.

18. Zomato Ltd

zomato drone companies in India

Zomato, a global restaurant search engine, and food delivery service, was established in 2008 and placed on the Indian stock exchange in July 2021. To speed up and improve the efficiency of food distribution, the corporation is placing a significant stake in drone technology.

TechEagle was purchased by Zomato in 2018 in order to develop a hub-to-hub distribution network employing hybrid multi-rotor drones.

Zomato is still developing drone technology, though, in order to realize its aim of using them to distribute food. To work on the DGCA’s BVLOS sandbox, they have teamed up with numerous entrepreneurs and even industry giants like Vodafone.

19. Paras Defence & Space Technologies

Paras Defence and Space Technologies

A small-cap defence firm in India called Paras Defence and Space Technologies. It is involved in the design and development of a range of defence and space engineering goods and services.

In order to advance drone technology, Paras Defence has teamed up with international UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) manufacturers. India’s drone making companies serve to be an epitome of finesse and cutting-edge technology.

20. RattanIndia Enterprises

Rattanindia Group- drone companies in India

The Rattanindia Group’s midcap publicly listed company in India and new-age growing business leader is RattanIndia Enterprises Limited. NeoSky India Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of RattanIndia Enterprises, announced the beginning of its drone operations in September 2021.

NeoSky India would create a cutting-edge drone system platform with an emphasis on commercial applications in India. Additionally, the business has made a strategic investment in Matternet, a US-based firm that specializes in urban drone logistics. However, the amount of the investment has not been made public. This “drone banane wali company” is the shaan of India.

21. Garuda Aerospace

Garuda aerospace logo

Drones are created, assembled, and customized by Garuda Aerospace for a variety of uses, including event photography, agricultural surveying, reconnaissance, and surveillance. The food tech unicorn Swiggy has teamed up with four drone businesses, including Garuda, for drone grocery delivery experiments in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. Additionally, it has orders for over 8,000 drones from other nations, including Malaysia, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates.

22. BharatRohan

Bharat Rohan

Around 6K farmers across 30K acre farms in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh can receive drone-based advising services from BharatRohan, a tech-enabled end-to-end agri-enabler. The startup offers a four-part solution designed to maximize profit margins, minimize crop losses, and optimize input utilization.

The startup also makes it possible for farmers to work together with other businesses through contract farming. Farmers can purchase raw materials from vendors like pesticides and seeds, but FMCG, retail, and exporter businesses can purchase agricultural products directly from farmers’ fields.

Even though BharatRohan is indisputably an agritech firm, the product’s USP is the usage of drones. The start-up uses a drone to create a precise map of a farm that highlights specific agronomic problems, such as nutrient deficits, disease infections, insect and weed infestations, and more. In order to help farmers maximize their production, BharatRohan uses drones and satellite-based remote sensing footage of fields combined with the accompanying historical climate and meteorological records.

Other Drone Companies in India

The top other drone companies in India are tabulated below:

  1. Unifly
  2. FlytNow
  3. AlgoPixel
  4. Heliware
  5. Involi
  6. Airosspace R&D
  7. Zuppa
  8. Airdonex
  9. Alpha Design Technologies
  10. IdeaForge
  11. Sagar Defence
  12. Raphe mPhibr
  13. NewSpace Research and Technologies
  14. Tata Advanced Systems
  15. Cyient Solutions & Systems
  16. DRDO
  17. IIO Technologies
  18. Jatayu Unmanned Systems
  19. Datasol Systems
  20. TATA AIG
  22. National Insurance
  23. Grene Robotics
  24. Z-Axis unmanned Machines
  25. Bharat Electronics Limited
  26. M2K Technologies
  29. Jugapro
  30. DroneSec
  31. Jatayu Unmanned Systems
  32. Reliance Industries Limited
  33. Infosys
  34. Windrose Capital
  35. WRVI Capital
  36. Trifecta Capital Advisories
  37. Blume Ventures
  38. JioGenNext
  39. EY
  40. A2Z RC
  41. RC Mumbai
  43. RC Hyderabad
  44. Robokits
  45. Robomart
  46. Xbotics
  48. RacerFly
  49. Pinnacle Cases
  50. Probots Techno Solutions
  54. InsideFPV
  56. Exicom
  57. Global Electronics
  58. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
  59. Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA)
  60. Drone Federation of India
  61. FICCI
  62. World Economic Forum
  63. Aviation Technology Forum of India (ATFI)
  64. India Flying Labs
  65. Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council
  66. Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
  67. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
  68. Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing
  69. Airports Authority of India (AAI)
  70. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
  71. Ministry of Defence (MoD)
  72. Indian Air Force (IAF)
  73. Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)
  75. FlyCamp
  76. Aerotics Technologies
  79. DroneSec
  80. Digital India Collective for Empowerment
  81. Ikigai Law
  83. Spaviatech Law
  84. The ePlane Company
  86. Drone Festival of India
  87. Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL)
  91. DroneAdda
  92. V3Novus
  93. Swadeshi Gears
  94. Valles Marineris
  95. Asim Navigation
  96. Astrogate Labs
  97. Bhingooz TechEx
  98. Dhruva Aerospace
  99. Micronel Global Engineers
  100. Miracle Aerospace
  101. Mistral Solutions
  102. Sunmint Energy
  103. Preci Fit Aerospace
  104. Trishula
  105. Bralco
  106. Hallycon Ventures
  107. TQ Cert Services
  108. Quality Council
  109. Bureau of Indian Standards

Future of the Drone Industry In India

drone companies in India

Without a question, the drone market is expanding at a tremendous rate. The UAV sector is already poised for rapid expansion. The drone companies in India are talked about today, but there are also many startups competing for business and growing rapidly in this industry.

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FAQs On Drone Companies in India

The frequently asked questions on Drone mfg. companies in India are given below:

Which is the best drone making company in India?
A few Drone manufacturing listed companies in India are

  • Paras Aerospace
  • Throttle Aerospace
  • General Aeronautics
  • Redwing Labs

What are the top 26 drone companies in India?
According to a report by the India Electronics & Semiconductor Association, some of the top 26 drone manufacturing company in India include:

  1. Skylark Drones
  2. IdeaForge
  3. Airpix
  4. Edall Systems
  5. Amaryllo India
  6. Teja Aerospace and Dynamics
  7. Aarav Unmanned Systems
  8. Skylark Dronetech
  9. Skylum Technologies
  10. Dinosaur Technologies
  11. Tarantula Technologies
  12. Askyx Solutions
  13. iQuad Copters
  14. Aarav Unmanned Systems
  15. Drone Air Solutions
  16. Drone Boned
  17. Quadcopter India
  18. ICRAVE
  19. Autokast India
  20. Mars Aerostat
  21. Spero Aerospace
  22. Horizon UAV
  23. AERO- tech
  24. DRONA Aviation
  25. Flyingcam Solutions
  26. ArrowDr

What are the top 10 drone companies in India listed in stock market?
The top 10 drone companies listed on the Indian stock market include:

  1. Skylark Dronetech
  2. IdeaForge
  3. Airpix
  4. Edall Systems
  5. Amaryllo India
  6. Teja Aerospace and Dynamics
  7. Aarav Unmanned Systems
  8. Skylark Dronetech
  9. Skylum Technologies
  10. Dinosaur Technologies

Is IdeaForge one of the Top drone companies in India?
Yes, IdeaForge is one of the top 10 Drone companies in India.

Which drone company was seen on Shark Tank?
InsideFPV was featured on Shark Tank India in season 2. It is India’s first company to supply Plug and Fly FPV Drones.

Which country is famous for drones?
The United States and Israel are the leading countries, known for selling and producing the largest amount of drones.

Who invented the first drone in India?
Abraham Karem is regarded as the founding father of UAV technology.

Is Dinosaur Technologies an Indian drone company?
Yes, Dinosaur Technologies is one of the Drone manufacturers in India.

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