Top Virtual Offices In Delhi For Startups, SMEs & Enterprises

If you’re looking for an affordable virtual office in Delhi, this blog is for you. Recently, with companies going remote, a lot of businesses are re-evaluating their office requirements. This has led to a rise in the demand for virtual office in Delhi, and other prominent cities across the country.


What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Office is a business solution that provides a company with all the essential arrangements intended for their needs without actually owning physical office space. Some of the key offerings include premium business address, mail handling and forwarding, a corporate address that you can use for Company & GST Registrations, among other things.

They are on-demand business resources that are cost-effective. Virtual Offices help you to get a credible business address without paying hefty monthly rents. It is the perfect solution for startups, SMEs or a big organisation whose employees work remotely from different locations, or in cases they are expanding to different geographies in India. It keeps your business flexible and lean but professional.



Why take a Virtual Office?

In a lot of cases, virtual office can act as the perfect offering for businesses of all size. Some of the benefits of taking a virtual office are:

  • To get a premium business address for your website, letterheads, and business cards that is also used for GST & Company Registration process in India.
  • A business address that provides you with the handling and forwarding of your business mails.
  • Boost credibility by showing your presence at different premium locations in the country and thus earning customers confidence.
  • Professional assistance to help your company with customer service, thereby building a nice corporate profile.


Important Factors While Choosing a Virtual Office

With so many options available in the market, it is important to understand what makes a good virtual office. Here are some factors that every business should keep in mind:

1) Location: The most important thing to focus on is the location. Whether you’re an entrepreneur while incorporating a new venture in a new city or a business expanding to new geographies, you should look for a virtual office in CBD & SBD areas. The location becomes even more important when you are in a B2B business as it directly affects the brand image, thus leading to better trust.

2) Price: Wanting a premium address does not necessarily mean that you have to shell out huge chunks of money. With myHQ, you can get prime addresses in all major cities at the most affordable prices.

3) Value-Added Services: In addition to a business address and mail handling facilities, a lot of virtual office providers also offer multiple add-on services which are extremely relevant for businesses. If you take up myHQ virtual office, you also get receptionist services, lockers, complimentary access to their workspace and meeting rooms, among other things.


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Top Virtual Office in Delhi (Area-wise)

You can take up a virtual office in any city across the country but Delhi is the most popular location by a fair margin. Being the capital of the country, many firms and businesses want to register themselves in the city and establish their physical offices, but the rentals are not favourable always. So what do they do? They take up a virtual office in Delhi!

Ideally, as a business owner, you’d want to take a business address that’s premium and well connected, thus helping you with client closures, business meetings and visits.

Here are top 6 virtual office in Delhi in several hot business districts:

(A) North Delhi

North Delhi is the heart of the city and is an emerging business district in the city. Netaji Subhash Place or NSP as it is more commonly known is located in North Delhi. The place is near to New Delhi Railway Station and also has convenient access to Delhi Metro, offering affordable office spaces for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

1) Virtual Office in Netaji Subhash Place

NSP is one of the poshest localities in North Delhi with corporate establishments spread across the area. With offices, malls, shopping complexes and premium residents, this has to be on your list if you are considering taking virtual office in Delhi.

Buy a Virtual Office plan here.

Address: RG Trade Tower, 303, 3rd Floor, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi – 110034


(B) South Delhi

South Delhi is the first choice for those who prefer to add a premium feel to their business address. Being the most premium residential district in the city, so it also has some of the most popular regions to get one’s business registered that includes Saket, Nehru Place, Green Park, SDA, among others.

1) Virtual Office in Saket

Virtual office in Delhi - Saket

Saket in South Delhi is popular as it is the middle point between Delhi and Gurgaon, hence a lot of businesses prefer taking virtual office here. With some popular malls, markets and government establishments, Saket has become an important business district in Delhi.

Buy a Virtual Office plan here.

Address: H-294, Building 2, Lane 2, 1st Floor, Westend Marg, Saket, New Delhi


2) Virtual Office in Nehru Place

virtual office in Delhi - Nehru Place

Nehru Place is one of the oldest business districts in Delhi and its location, as well as connectivity, makes it a preferred choice for startups, SMEs and traditional businesses alike.

With high-rise office complexes, largest electronics market, hangout hubs and street food outlets, Nehru Place is a major hot spot in the city.

Buy a Virtual Office plan here.

Address: 502, 5th Floor, Sahyog Building-58, Nehru Place, New Delhi


3) Virtual Office in Okhla

virtual office in south delhi

Okhla has always been the commercial hub in South Delhi with multiple office complexes, industries and warehouses. Given the relative real estate cost and location, Okhla has grown as the preferred locations for both traditional businesses as well as new-age startups.

Being very close to Nehru place but with a significant difference in price point, a lot of coworking spaces have also opened up in Okhla.

Buy a Virtual Office plan here.

Address: E 44/3, 1st Floor, Pocket D, Okhla Phase II, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi


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(C) Central Delhi

Located at the heart of the city, Central Delhi offers a unique mix of large office complexes along with shopping districts. The real estate prices are the highest in the city and it’s extremely expensive to find affordable office space here. There are several spaces in or nearby Connaught Place, offering Virtual Office services at a fraction of the real estate pricing.

1) Virtual Office in CP

virtual office in connaught place

Connaught Place is one area which needs no introduction. With a unique layout plan, office complexes, shopping street, CP has always been a major attraction in New Delhi. Being such an important area, the real-estate prices are so high that even established businesses cannot afford to take a physical office in CP.

But you have an option of making CP as your official business address using virtual office plan.

Buy a Virtual Office plan here.

Address: Building No. 55, 1st Floor, Panchkuian Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi


2) Virtual Office on Asaf Ali Road

Asaf Ali Road, located near New Delhi railway station in Central Delhi, is another important business district in the national capital. With great connectivity, lively markets and business houses, the area has always been in demand for official work.

Buy a Virtual Office plan here.

Address: 1/22, Asaf Ali Road, Kucha Pati Ram, Ajmeri Gate, New Delhi, Delhi – 110002



With the shift from physical offices and companies trying to save office rentals, the demand for virtual offices has been rapidly increasing, especially in metropolitan areas. Be it for company registration, GST numbers when expanding to newer geographies, or just mailing addresses, nothing can beat this both from a cost and facilities standpoint.

With myHQ, you can avail  virtual offices at the most affordable prices in 20+ states in India. Get a virtual office with myHQ here.


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