20 Tools To Generate Free & Paid Templates For Storyboards

Storyboard software can aid in the visualization of a tale and the explanation of concepts to others. Making a storyboard ahead of time, regardless of the type of video production you want to shoot, is likely to yield superior outcomes. Finding the best storyboard software for your specific needs is a crucial step, but it takes time and effort. In this article, we’ll go over some of the greatest storyboard software on the market.


What is Storyboard Software?

Storyboard software solutions are tools for visualizing a video project in advance. Their major goal is to assist the creatives with planning the video’s story and organizing each shot, resulting in higher production quality and fewer production errors. They’re commonly utilized as a part of the video production process for instructional films, product videos, short stories, and presentations, among other things.

The aim of the film, the number of people engaged in the production, the budget, and whether you want to draw the storyboard’s pictures yourself or use an image library all influence the storyboard software you use.

List of Software Templates for Creating Beautiful Storyboards

The following are some of the most effective storyboard software programs available today:

1. Storyboarder

Capture 55

Storyboarder is likewise free, but it’s geared toward creators who want to draw their own storyboards. Its clean and easy interface provides all of the tools you’ll need to create a professional-looking and cohesive storyboard, and it also works well with Photoshop, allowing you to fine-tune your work before it’s finished.


2. Moviestorm


Using comprehensive step-by-step instruction, this software tool allows you to construct entire 3D characters from start. Then you can use them to create and frame an entire scene, replete with props, sounds, and music. Its capabilities make it ideal for a variety of applications, including short animations, presentations, training videos, and more.


3. StudioBinder

templates for storyboards story

This online storyboard program is great for creating presentations since it allows you to view your entire project as a full-screen slideshow. It’s also quite simple and easy to use, allowing for a lot of flexibility with very little work. It’s free for the first 10 panels on a board, then $29 a month to unlock all templates for storyboards.


4. Canva


Canva is a free storyboard software program that gives you a lot of possibilities if you don’t want to draw your own drawings. Its extensive templates for storyboards library and millions of stock photos allow you to build a tale without having to start from scratch, saving you time and effort. It’s also perfect for collaboration because numerous users may access the same file at the same time, and the final product can be quickly emailed or exported as a PDF file.


5. PowerProduction Software

power production

Depending on your skill level and the nature of your project, PowerProduction Software can provide a variety of experiences. With import possibilities for characters, animations, props, locations, and more, it may be a terrific tool for the casual developer, but it can also appeal to pros. You may get Storyboard Quick for $190 or the more professional-oriented Storyboard Artist Studio for almost $900, depending on your needs.


 6. Penultimate


Penultimate may easily be used to generate rudimentary storyboard sketches. Although, its primary use as a handwriting tool that allows users to be paper-free by allowing them to write everything down. After that, an assembly software package is required to put everything together. The cost is $6.


7. Storyboard Composer

templates for storyboards 33

This software program only works with existing films and photos, making it a great tool for those who don’t want to draw or sketch their own visuals. It’s only accessible on iOS and provides simple ways to create and animate shots from the current video. The cost is $15.


8. Storyboard That

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With no prior drawing or sketching skills, you may use this storyboard to make animated films. Its numerous characters and décor templates assist you in getting started, and its web interface allows you to continue working from any location. Its free edition has all of the features, but all of the storyboards you create are public.


9. Camera-Storyboard

templates for storyboards 2

This application is highly beneficial for individuals who want to plan photo and video shoots using storyboards. It allows you to alter an image and add numerous objects, as well as change the lighting and other aspects of it. The photographs can then be pieced together to help you sketch out your photo or video session. It costs ten dollars.


10. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop may be utilized as an effective storyboarding software tool, despite the fact that it is often intended for people with a variety of needs. You may create a wide range of storyboards by layering storyboard images on actual pictures. Then, using assembly software, you can put them all together to make a storyboard video.


11. MakeStoryboard


This tool is intended to assist you in putting together your sketch by organizing the photographs and sketches. It’s free, and it’s best used with an image and sketch-making program like Photoshop. The final result can then be shared across a variety of platforms, including tablets and smartphones.


12. Clip Studio Paint


This is a graphic design software application that is best suited for people who have a lot of drawing experience, such as comic artists and illustrators. It has full sketching and coloring capabilities, as well as the ability to compile images into a professional-looking storyboard. It has a price range of $49 to $219.


13. Prolost Boardo

prolost store

Because this tool is best suited for adding effects and animations to existing images, you’ll need to either discover them online or draw them yourself using another program. However, its functionality is excellent, allowing you to quickly mix photos and sketches, animate them, and export them in video format.


14. Shot Designer


Shot Designer, as the name implies, is a very handy tool for planning out a video’s sequence of camera angles. It’s quick and easy to use, and it works nicely with other storyboard applications to help you plan out your scene. It is completely free to use.


15. Paper by WeTransfer


This sketch-making software program allows users to draw, sketch, and diagram using a simple and easy interface, which can help you generate storyboard graphics from start. Users can choose between the free version and in-app purchases for various additional functions, depending on what they require from the app.


16. Procreate

procreate templates for storyboards

This illustration program is a sophisticated storyboarding tool for mobile devices, allowing users to sketch, paint, and illustrate their scenes. It also has a fully customizable UI that is intuitive and simple to use. These templates for storyboards cost ten dollars.


17. Astropad Standard


Astropad Standard is a drawing app for iPads and smartphones that integrates with Photoshop or other Mac-specific drawing tools. It allows users to create professional-looking sketches and photographs. After you’ve created all of the relevant photos and drew a rough storyboard, you’ll need to utilize another software tool to organize all of the sketches. It has a starting price of $30.


18. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

This professional web tool is geared at professional storyboard creators and was built specifically for commercial use. It has a lot of sketching and animation tools. These offers highly talented artists a lot of alternatives for creating high-quality content. Users can subscribe for $59 per month or pay $999 for lifelong access to templates for storyboards.


19. TVPaint Animation

templates for storyboards tvpaint

This program is popular in both schools and businesses since it allows users to make professional-looking 2D animations. You may also rapidly share your storyboards with your team or clients by drawing them. Its price ranges from $600 to $1,250, and it includes lengthy training classes. This educates users on how to use all of the software’s features.


20. OpenToonz

templates for storyboards opentoonz

Users can use this 2D animation software program to create incredibly intricate illustrations and then add effects to them later. Aside from the exceptional quality of the images, another selling factor is that it’s free and the generated animations have no copyright restrictions. This allows producers to use them for commercial purposes.


Final words

These are some of the finest templates for storyboards for your company. If your storyboards will not be seen by clients, printing out your own storyboard template and sketching it by hand is sometimes the best solution.

Even simple stick figures might help you visualize and design a scenario. Remember that shooting boards just demand a basic amount of sketching ability. Because it’s all about the framing, action, camera movement, and direction.


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