9 Team Meeting Ideas To Make Your Meetings Fun & Fruitful

In today’s world team meetings are a fundamental component of work. However, most of the team meetings fall into a pattern. A particular set of routines is followed which makes people non-interested. It is very important to incorporate newer team meeting ideas and thoughts into the framework.

Every member of the team needs to be ready for innovative challenges in today’s competitive world. Not only that, every role is getting dynamic day by day and people need to play diverse roles according to the situation. As a team leader, it is very important to define the common goal of the team. In an effective team meeting, you and your colleagues can build an agenda, a mission and a shared vision for the team.

Consequently, it becomes imperative to think of out-of-the-box team meeting ideas to amp up the morale of your team mates.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


All of us are aware of the importance of teamwork to achieve a common goal, and specific objectives. But what may not be so obvious that it can be achieved through team meetings.

Find out the 9 most innovative team meeting ideas on how to incorporate fun and enthusiasm in your regular meetings and make it a successful one.



1. Conduct team meetings at fixed intervals

team meeting ideas

The first thing about the meeting is that if you can use it systematically it can bring enormous results for the team. So, if you hold your team meetings at regular intervals it helps to create a routine for everyone in the team.

A regular meeting with a defined schedule helps the team members to connect and exchange their ideas. Remember, establishing a schedule is crucial for everybody in the team. However holding meetings at regular intervals is good only if you maintain a unique agenda for each meeting.

2. Do team meeting with a definitive agenda

A fixed agenda for each meeting ensures efficient use of the time. For example, if the goal of the meeting is to take a particular decision then you must ensure that the decision must have been made by the end of the meeting.

But you also need to consider making some changes in the agenda to accommodate fresh ideas. A dynamic schedule always brings up positive energy in the environment. A small change in the form of refreshment, an early wrap-up, or a birthday cake can really make a sea change in the meeting environment. Consider often making some unexpected changes in the meeting agenda to make it more fun and vibrant.

3. Ensure contribution from each participant

fun team meeting ideas

It is very important that every participant contributes to the team meeting. An active participation from all participants can bring out fresh and innovative ideas. Keep the environment of the meeting open and encourage everyone to participate. An open environment will show the importance of every member’s participation.

In every team meeting there are some people who continue to dominate the conversation and there are some people who prefer to stay silent. A leader needs to manage this situation by curbing the talkative ones and encourages others who are non-contributors. A meeting that is having a contribution from all team members is more balanced and helps to achieve team goals in less time.

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4. Be well prepared

Every meeting needs to be held with a particular purpose. A detailed preparation is an important prerequisite for any successful meeting. As a team leader, you need to make sure the comprehensive preparation behind each meeting.

Once you decided on the agenda of the meeting you should develop a detailed plan about how to achieve the objective out of the meeting. The preparation for the meeting should be based on that detailed plan.


5. Don’t get engaged with regular updates

focus on team meetings

One of the biggest time killers in a meeting is regular updates which should not be considered as an efficient usage of the group time. Although regular updates are important, you need to figure out a different way to do it so that it doesn’t disturb the flow of the meeting.

To make a team meeting efficient and effective, you need to use the time very effectively. It is very important that all discussions should lead to the main agenda of the meeting. A dynamic team meeting with a focused approach is expected to generate more positive outcomes for the team.

6. Stick to open leadership

Once the above ideas are executed, the next step is to bring out a leadership style that is unique and dynamic. The leader of the meeting does not need to be an expert on every subject of the meeting. So it is very important and wise to seek advice and suggestions from all team members.

In modern times, the open style of leadership is more acceptable and helps to get a more productive result. You need to motivate everyone to share their ideas and observations in order to produce the best results.

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7. Provide direct feedback to team members

Exchange of ideas in time meeting

Try to be frank and honest with the team members when it comes to feedback. If the tone is defined by the team leader, the group will take it and every one will provide actual, substantive feedback.

As a team leader, you must have several ideas which you can share in the team meetings. But you also need to open with suggestions and feedback from other team members. Trust in the team will be built by open contributions from each and every member of the team.

8. Make progress in every meeting

Every one of us at work is inspired by a sense of success. Each of our professional achievements is a tangible sign of success and works as a tool of motivation for each member.

It is very important that each meeting should contribute to the overall goal so that everyone feels the progress. The recognition of victories is also a perfect way to highlight progress. Remember that celebrating the small victories is as important as rejoicing the big ones. The crucial thing is to find ways to show that the team is progressing in every meeting.

9. Add some fun to the meeting

Fun team meeting ideas

Finally, you need to add some fun factor into your team meeting ideas to make it more vibrant. Try to incorporate some fun team-building exercises that can bring excitement to your meetings. When a team game is played during a meeting, the team gets excited and looks forward to future gatherings. Not only that fun team-building exercises also brought out better coordination among all members.

You can also think of adding weekly or monthly awards for the winners of the team game. This will help to break the stereotypes and increase the participation of all stakeholders.



Lastly, often going out of the daily meeting space strengthens both the meeting and the result. Moving away from the office meeting room is crucial when you prepare to work on a key project that needs different thought or creativity.

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