11 Best Practices For Call To Action Button To Drive High Conversions

Here, ‘Learn more’, there, ‘Order now’ and there, ‘Request a free quote’ – the call to action button is ubiquitous in this age of digital marketing. Still wondering what is a call to action button?

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt designed to get the reader to do something, in other words, take action. It is used as a marketing strategy to get readers to respond through action.

call to action button - shape

Why is the call to action button important?

The success of your website or landing page can depend a lot on your call to action button and how strategically have they been placed. A well designed CTA button can improve your conversions multifold.

a) It can boost the results of digital advertising

Digital marketing and advertising are all about grabbing readers’ attention to your brand, product or service. You might have an attractive creative, great copy and a super message but at the end of it, what’s the point if your reader moves on without taking any action?

Without the CTA button, your efforts are going to fall flat. CTA becomes extremely important in the case of pay-per-click advertising. It helps in delivering the intention of the advert to the reader.

b) Call to action can increase sales

There is a direct relation between a CTA button and the success of a campaign. Whether it is sales, gathering likes, followers, or motivating subscribers, CTA can help boost it. The trick is to make the wording as clear and direct as possible, yet motivating enough for the reader to take the action. It’s a way to help readers (your potential buyers) to nudge them to do what they want to do.

c) CTA button can be a guiding tool for readers

As a brand, you need a CTA for your ads but readers, too, need the call to action button. They need to be told what to do next. A number of times, the customer or reader has landed on your website or your advertisement because they want to engage with you or are interested in exploring your offering. At such times, if these readers aren’t guided to the next steps, they might feel lost.

Here are some great call to action examples for sales:

call to action button - 1

call to action button - 2

call to action button - 3

Some of the most common and effective call to action phrase examples are: Learn more, Request call back, Sign up for free, Download the app, Watch for free, Book now, Buy now, Start your trial, Add to cart, etc.

Wanting a CTA button is just the first step. There’s a lot that goes into getting it right.

Here are 11 things you need to consider:

1) Determine the end goal

To write an effective CTA copy, you first need to know what you want it to do for you. Do you want to facilitate sales? Do you want to direct the reader to another piece of content? Do you want them to share their contact information?

2) Let it encourage action

The purpose of a call to action button is to boost readers to take action. But quite often you must have seen those that do nothing to the readers.

The reason: the copy is not exciting enough. What’s more appealing? Click here, Download, Enter or Yes, Please!, Sign Me Up For Free and Join The Excitement!


3) It should benefit the reader

Write the copy in such a way that readers feel it is for their benefit. When potential clients or subscribers read CTAs that actually tell them how and why it would be beneficial to them, they do not feel like they are falling for any marketing gimmick.

4) Keep the message consistent

Let the CTA be consistent with the content that the readers read before the CTA. Keep in mind the flow of the content of the page, too. CTAs are meant to direct the readers to take the next steps after reading something. Make sure that stays consistent.

5) Put it in the right place

Give your CTA the right spot. You might have to find the right balance and not make it too obvious and in your face. For example, if you place it right in the centre of the page, it might seem too obvious, and if you place it at the bottom left corner, it might get missed.

call to action button 4

6) Choose the right colours

Everyone knows red is the most attractive colour, but does it go with the theme of your page, the design, and your brand colours? Green and orange are known to be effective colours. Contrasting colours work better.

7) The shape of the button matters

The shape of the button matters too. It might not matter as much as the colour matters, but has an effect on the overall look and feel of the page. Test the shapes, a rectangle, one with rounded corners, a circle or a square?

In practice, most effective CTA buttons are either rectangle or rounded rectangle in shape.

8) Short text, legible font

Keep the text short and snazzy. A long sentence can get too boring to read. If the text is short, it can allow you to have a large font. Two to four words are the best length.

9) Go with first-person text

What works better, Buy your copy now or Buy a copy? Writing the text in the first person lets the reader know the benefits, personalizes it to some extent and emphasizes on the reader.

10) Keep enough white space

Make sure your call to action button is not cluttered. Keep enough space around the text; at the same time ensure that the text is legible.

11) Test. It helps.

Once you decide your CTA button, test it. You will only know how effective it is once you test it. Do test trials by placing it in different positions, changing colors and even the text. Once you’ve run a few different trials, see which one got the most clicks. Use that.


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Case Study

Now let’s look at an example of how a brand changed its CTA button and increased click-through rates. ArtsyEditor is a WordPress tool that helps bloggers scale, upload and format different types of media and enhances text copy. Their main aim was to get more visitors to their demo and pricing page. They came up with two CTA versions.

Version 1

call to action button - 5

Just one call to action button resulted in a 5% increase to click-through to the demo page and an increase of 47% to the pricing page.

Version 2

call to action button - 6

Two CTA buttons resulted in a 7% increase in click-through to the demo page and 17% to the pricing page.

Version 3

call to action button - 7

With a button that prompts readers to buy didn’t bring any improvements.

Here are a few key takeaways from this example:

  • Even if one version of the CTA works, trying and testing others can help. What if something else works even better? It is always better to give it a try.
  • Different kinds of CTA buttons could target different kinds of audience. For example, a first-time visitor might not go to the purchase page right away, but a repeat-visitor might.

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