How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive strategic tool in B2B marketing, which marketers worldwide are leveraging in unique ways. We’re decoding some of them for you.

It’s no secret — just get the best out of data

Most of a marketer’s time goes in data reviews and analyses to gain insights on customers and prospects. This is where AI steps into the picture. AI models can take on the tasks of data crunching and perform complicated analyses to answer your ‘what- if’ scenarios. The result — you can take action on the information almost immediately.



Here’s an example. DemandBase employed AI to eliminate companies from its list of prospects that could lead to losses in the future. Verifying accounts that were worthy of pursuit proved to be highly beneficial for the organization.

“We’re a stats-based company and if they churn from us in less than a year we lose money on them. So, we took the elements that made those customers churn and removed them from our model.” — Jessica Fewless, VP of ABM Strategy, DemandBase

Key takeaway: Identify the AI service companies that are established in areas relevant to your needs. Select the one that shows the highest potential in adding value to your organization. This will help you get the best insights for generating profit.


The Magic lies in Unique Recommendations

Global giants such as Netflix and Amazon are the preferred choice for people as they provide content recommendations at a very personalized level. This element of AI-driven marketing is most promising. AI systems can spontaneously recognize preferences and give tailor-made recommendations.

Let’s look at another example. ServiceMax (a field service technology vendor) was facing a huge challenge in deciding the right content that caters to the different needs of customers. ServiceMax partnered with DemandBase to implement a machine learning training method termed Reinforcement Learning. As a result, the bounce rates decreased by 70 percent and the time-on-site and pages-per-session increased by more than 100 percent.

Key takeaway: Keep your audience happy by providing recommendations that best match their interests and preferences. Use the right AI algorithms to boost engagement rates.


The Undeniable need for 24/7 Customized Support

Almost every customer expects round-the-clock support services. This has forced sales and customer support teams to gear up to meet their demands. Again, AI comes to the rescue here in the form of conversational AI platforms (CAPs) or chatbots.

UK-based sales insights company Artesian Solutions experienced great success with CAPs.  Volume, a B2B AI-specialized agency, built a solution specifically for Artesian named “Arti” that could analyze millions of data sources in different formats online. The derived insights helped in building better customer relationships, which led to an improved sales behavior. Within a month of Arti’s launch, it gained 2,000 views, got asked over 3,500 questions, and took part in almost a thousand sessions involving 750 unique visitors. 

Key takeaway: Invest in custom-built AI chatbots capable of recording customer interactions. This helps making strategic analyses aimed at generating better leads.


Content will always be the King!

Trends come and go but content always holds a pivotal role in marketing. Quality content is crucial for every business in this consumerist world. Organizations are constantly working towards churning out content in more quantity. However, some fail to produce quality content. This is an opportunity for AI to be ushered in.

While VMware was scaling its operations, one of its goals was to significantly grow its volume of content. Over 400 pieces of content put together by a team of 120 technical writers and five editors were being released every year. The editing team, being small, was overwhelmed by the large volume of content. They could only focus on one percent of the total content. AI-powered content solution Acrolinx came as a big relief to the team. The basic editing operations were automated, leaving the editors free to work on higher-value activities. Around 73 percent of employees even said that the AI solution improved the quality of content.

Key takeaway: Incorporate AI-powered content solutions for basic tasks to save time and efforts. Focus on more important aspects of marketing such as building a robust marketing strategy.


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It’s time to launch AI in your Marketing Efforts

Adapting to pathbreaking technology might be hard, but it’s worth it. As we’ve seen, AI is a powerful tool that brings multiple benefits to the table. Get ready to unleash AI in your business to open the world of endless rewarding opportunities and remarkable customer experiences. 

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