Whatsapp Marketing Strategy For Startups & SMEs In India

Social networking and smartphone applications are changing the way people interact. Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, all social media sites are redefining corporate and personal interactions.

Yet the one network that changed the entire mobile communications landscape is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a user base spanning all age groups, genders, and demographic profiles.  It is one of the most common forms of communication, with a presence in over 180 countries and more than 1.5 billion monthly users.

India is one of the major markets of WhatsApp with more than 400 million users.  It is one of the most used ways to exchange text, image, video or document file with another person and business. So it is almost certain whatever business you are into your customer is using WhatsApp. This makes the WhatsApp marketing strategy an important part of your communication plan.

Here is a detailed WhatsApp marketing strategy that will help you leverage your business.



WhatsApp- the new age messenger app

WhatsApp is a free-to-use mobile app and an account can be created based on your mobile number. It uses the internet to send and receive messages from another user. WhatsApp’s greatest benefit is that it allows image, video, files to be exchanged along with the usual text.


whatsapp app

Usages of WhatsApp

Accessibility is one of WhatsApp’s key elements. With different versions for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, not only that you can also use it in your MAC or Windows computer, it allows further usage and transfer of data and communication.


Here are the three simple ways to use WhatsApp for communication:


  1. Individual chat

This is one of the most used forms of WhatsApp. You can chat with any of your WhatsApp contacts in this mode. Not only that you can make a video or voice call and can also exchange voice snippets.


  1. Group chat

WhatsApp also lets you create a group of up to 256 users. The best part is that you can communicate with all of them at one go. On these groups, you can post text, video or images. People who all are in the group can see the message and respond to it.


  1. Broadcast messaging

Broadcast messaging is one of the exciting ways of communication. Broadcasting lets you deliver messages to a wider audience base without adding them to a single group.  The main advantage of the broadcast messages is that people cannot see each other, and the message will appear as an individual message. You can send the same message to 256 people at once using broadcast messaging.


WhatsApp marketing for business

There are 300 million users who use WhatsApp on a daily basis. Unlike social media, most of those users have been involved throughout the day on WhatsApp. The fact that there are about 65 billion messages exchanged using WhatsApp makes it one of the most active media platforms.

Customers nowadays like the company with whom they can do direct interaction. According to a recently done survey by Nielsen, 57 per cent of the respondents are in favour of buying from a platform with which they can interact directly.

In addition to this, WhatsApp has also got more than 98% opening rate in comparison to email marketing that has only a 30% opening rate.

This is exactly why a growing number of companies are spending their precious time and resources in developing the most unique WhatsApp marketing strategies.


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Unique and attractive features of WhatsApp business app

Off late WhatsApp has come up with a new platform called WhatsApp for business. This is a business communication platforms for small businesses and SME’s.


whatsapp business app


Check out some of the most exciting features of WhatsApp business app. These features are essentially designed for effective communication with the target customer base.


Creation of business profile

WhatsApp Business app’s first and foremost attribute is that it lets you build a business profile on its platform. In this version, you can provide different pieces of information, such as your business address, email address and website address. Also, you can select the category of your business on this platform.


whatsapp marketing business profile


Communicating using quick replies

In the WhatsApp business app, there is a feature called quick replies. Quick replies help you answer the most frequently asked questions. There are certain questions that are common for your business. Once you set quick replies, you can respond to those questions with standard replies. This helps to boost your brand image by improving the response rate.


Whatsapp marketing quick reply


Automatic messages

WhatsApp business module also has an automated chat boat kind of model. So whenever any new customer comes to your WhatsApp business profile he or she can be greeted with an automated message. You can set an out of office message in your WhatsApp business profile in case you are out of office or town. This feature ensures that your client always gets a prompt response from your end.


whatsapp marketing automated messages


Tagging the conversation with labels

Like your email platform, WhatsApp business allows you to tag any particular conversation. For example, you can tag new prospects for a conversation with a potential customer. This helps you to locate any conversation very easily at a later stage.


whatsapp marketing label chat


Messaging analytics

A marketing strategy should always be measured against the results it produced. WhatsApp business tool provides you with details such as the total number of messages received, delivered to the customer and how many are opened. This ultimately lets you understand how successful your campaign is.

Implement a robust WhatsApp marketing strategy to get an enhanced long-term advantage over your competitors.

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WhatsApp marketing strategy for business

Bearing in mind the vast scope and unique resources you need to build an independent WhatsApp marketing strategy alongside your standard communication plans.

Note WhatsApp is essentially a personal messaging application that has the phone number attached to it. As a sender of business messages, you must value the personal space. The message should be distinctive and imaginative so that you get the maximum user engagement.


1. Reaching out to your customers

WhatsApp is a private messaging app primarily used for direct communications. The most effective way to use WhatsApp for business is to create a personal connection.

Add a person’s name while creating an automated message. Even if there are many people who run the show from the background but you need to put one name. It will help to make the conversation more intimate.


2. Creating databases for communication

WhatsApp marketing strategy’s success depends on the number of potential customers’ phone numbers. It is always better if you get the phone number directly from the customer’s end since a phone number is a very personal thing.

You can connect WhatsApp’s click-to-chat feature with your website, emailer or social media accounts. This will help you obtain more potential customer’s phone numbers.

You may also offer something useful to the customers as part of your WhatsApp marketing strategy, in return for their numbers. That can be anything freebies, promotional code or exclusive offers. It encourages customers to give you their numbers.


3. Responsive customer support services

In modern times a speedy response is one of the essential aspects of effective customer service. With the automatic messaging features of WhatsApp, you will be able to respond quickly to all customer queries.

This feature is very effective for the startup and SMEs as they operate with limited resource. Not only text messages, but you can also use the WhatsApp for business to share videos and documents with your customers. This automated messaging helps you to provide prompt customer support.

You should always concentrate on real-time responses using WhatsApp for the best customer service experience.


4. WhatsApp status

WhatsApp also has an active status feature. This status remains valid for only 24 hours. So status is the perfect place to promotes a single day offer or a special promotion.

You may also upload a sneak peek into your office or your manufacturing plant through status. This may motivate your customer to decide in favour of your services.


5. Third-party marketing tools

One of the biggest hindrances of using WhatsApp is the limitation on the number of users. But by integrating the WhatsApp business app with third-party marketing tools, you can overcome this issue.

These WhatsApp marketing softwares will help you deliver personalized messages to a wide range of audiences. There are various marketing resources such as WappBlaster (https://wappblaster.com/), What Sender (https://www.whatsender.net/) that can help you send bulk messages.

Each of these platforms has got its own set of benefits. You need to choose the best one based on your products or services.


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The final take away

Off late clients are more than interested in interacting with the brands. That is exactly why more and more corporate organizations are using messaging services for their business.

WhatsApp is a completely suitable platform to reach out to consumers, establish a connection with them and promote your products. It is one of the most cost-effective communication modes suited for startups and SMEs.

Create an effective marketing strategy for WhatsApp and start using this immensely successful platform to promote your product. Since there’s a very small corporate presence on WhatsApp, you’re sure to get the first-mover advantage.


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Q. Is Whatsapp business beneficial for small businesses?

A. Absolutely, it’s one of the most cost-competitive and efficient marketing channels available. For smaller business, there’s a free version available and for an API version, there are different paid versions with affordable pricing.


Q. What is the average pricing of Whatsapp business?

A. Whatsapp business is priced variably, depending upon messages sent. So for an accurate quotation, check the Whatsapp business application.


Q. Is it better to automate your business with Whatsapp business app?

A. Any automation in the marketing process helps build an efficient channel for product servicing. And Whatsapp business API model bridges the required gap.


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Startup Handbook: Build A Business From Scratch
Get instant access to this ebook on building a business from scratch worth $19 absolutely FREE!
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