Top 12 Work From Anywhere Travel Destinations For Millennials

Generation Y or millennials are identified as individuals born between 1981 and 1999. They are not only tech-savvy and creative thinkers but they are influential consumers as a group. As a matter of the fact, millennials who work from home after the first lockdown in March want to break from their monotony. Also, they prefer to work from anywhere owing to the latest work from home policies. As a result, India’s hill stations and beaches are slowly coming alive again as a work destination.

Many recreational destinations in India have now adapted to this new model in order to keep up with this modern work from anywhere and holiday pattern. Not only that, they listen to travelers’ technical and other needs, offering them a conducive environment to work or relax as they want. If you enjoy traveling and are still torn between choosing work and holidays, you need to work at any of the below-mentioned destinations!


Enjoy the Work From Anywhere Policy with these 12 Travel Destinations

Here are the 12 best workplace destinations you can visit in India to enjoy a relaxing holiday and work from here as well.


1. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg work from anywhere destination

Coorg, brimming with homestays and budget hotels, is one of India’s ideal workplace destinations to relax, rejuvenate, and work peacefully. It offers the respite you need from the busy city life. Also, it is a perfect refuge amid fragrant coffee estates and lush green valleys.

In the local eateries, you can also enjoy the unique and flavorful Kodagu food and go shopping in the local bazaars of Coorg. Mangalore is the closest train station and airport for Coorg.


2. Matheran, Maharashtra

Matheran work from anywhere destination

Matheran is your go-to destination for all those who want to break away from their work-from-home routine or take a sabbatical and work from an enchanting hill station.


You can camp in green valleys with picturesque views, and enjoy working comfortably at your own pace. It is also renowned for being practically pure and pollution-free weather and for its rare flora and fauna. Fall in love with this amazing destination as you explore and enjoy the work from anywhere culture.


3. Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Dehradun work from anywhere destination

Dehradun is one of India’s oldest towns located in Uttarakhand and approximately 235 km from Delhi. The Dehradun climate is healthy thanks to its height and location. Also, it is a picturesque location with numerous hill resorts and a fervent spot for the sight in the city. As a WiFi-enabled hill station, it is the perfect fit as a work from anywhere location.


4. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh


Only a few days after you arrive at Dharamsala in Mcleodganj, you realize that there is hardly any over-exaggeration between the similarities between Little Lhasa and it.  Its strong Tibetan character is what distinguishes it from other locations.

You can see flags, daily monasteries, and monks in bright saffron dresses. There are plenty of tourist sites, but Dharamsala is all about relaxation and the serenity that abounds here. Take advantage of work from anywhere policy with free 4G Wi-Fi along with breathtaking views of the Himalayas.


5. Varkala, Kerala


Varkala is a great choice for work from anywhere destination with a beach background.  You can spend months in a row in this small paradise near Trivandrum. Varkala is one of the best working destinations in India, called the Pearl of the Arabian Sea, as it caters to all modern needs.


It also has a number of amazing places like lakes, beaches, and forts that you can visit when not working. You can see the Arabian Sea from this location fascinating sunrise and sunset.


6. Haridwar, Uttarakhand


Haridwar is the holiest Hindu city in Uttarakhand, and pilgrims arrive here on a massive way to bathe in the fast-flowing Ganges. Also, it gives a noisy yet reverent atmosphere to a large number of people gathered around Har-ki-Pairi Ghat. Haridwar is particularly busy during the Yatra season between May and October and especially July.

During this time hundreds of thousands of devotees of the Shiva called Kanwarias to descend into the city. In an effort to improve tourism in the state, Har-ki-Pauri has also been made into a Wi-Fi region. For consumers, the wi-fi hotspot service is free for unlimited usage. This is one of the best work from anywhere location in India.


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7. Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

Masinagudi, India

Masinagudi, part of the forest belt of Mudumalai, is the perfect place to enjoy nature in full bloom. Enjoy the surrounding scintillating beauty and work in a lush green forest belt nestled in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. This is a dream location for all those who enjoy fleeing the chaos in the city and choose a peaceful escape in order to concentrate on work.

And Masinagudi provides you with just that, which is why it is considered to be one of India’s most exciting workplace destinations. Coimbatore is the closest train station and airport to this location.


8. Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Vizag work from anywhere destination

Vizag is your go-to choice if you want to work from a city that also offers the best of both worlds, picturesque locations, and all the facilities enjoyed in a city. A great work from anywhere destination in India, Vizag or Vishakhapatnam located very close to Arakku Valley, a beautiful hill station.


Also, you can schedule a weekend getaway to the Arakku Valley while you spend your weekdays working from your favorite workplace in Vizag. Vishakhapatnam Railway Station and Rajahmundry Airport are the nearest railway and airport to Vizag.


9. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol work from anywhere destination

Kasol is India’s best workplace destination to enjoy a totally comfortable and chilled-out lifestyle that you should explore. By exploring various trekking trails, such as the Kheerganga Trek or hiking in the Parvati Valley, you can also keep yourself engaged and involved.

In the numerous cafes dotting Kasol, enjoy delicious food and soak in the Bohemian vibes that Kasol exudes to enjoy the essence of a working destination. The Nearest railway station and airport to Kasol is Joginder Nagar Railway Station and Buntar Airport.


10. Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Bir work from anywhere destination

Bir is a beautiful abode in the mighty Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh that offers you a cool, quiet, and lush green place for work and vacation. As Bir is one of the finest paragliding sites in India, you can try paragliding. Also, you can explore the monasteries to experience the culture of Tibet. Spend an entire day soaking up the picturesque views of Bir and enjoy working from here.



11. Khimsar, Rajasthan

Khimsar work from anywhere

If you want to try a different and unique place for your work holiday, Khimsar is the perfect place to work from a desert spot. Khimsar, a small village renowned for its sand dunes, is perfect for those who enjoy working from a peaceful location to keep their creative juices flowing. If you wish to enjoy the life of the village and see how well you adapt to it, visit this place.


12. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


Varanasi is the oldest living town in the world located on the banks of the Ganga. For decades, this mystic place has drawn pilgrims from across the world. Also, it reflects the lively, charming Indian of your dreams with ancient domes, moths, ashrams, priests, narrow streets.

Discover the religious geography of this city and wander through the crowded roads.

Also, look out for an unforgettable experience of the sunrise from a cruise. You might find this religious place as one of the best places to work. With the help of free Wi-Fi, enjoy a seamless work experience.

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Becky from Global Grasshopper suggests this small hill town in Uttarakhand. The perfect place for any outdoor adventure enthusiast, and an ideal option for anyone looking to escape busy city life.

Final Words

A well-connected travel destination allows the city-weary traveler to blur the distinction between work and leisure. In addition to beachside and upmarket metro assets, the above destinations have got various homestays, luxury hotels, resorts, and hotel chains for a comfortable stay. Also, they are rising to the occasion with curated packages that meet safety guidelines, with excellent WiFi access, and unforgettable stay-and-work choices.


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