Top 7 Coworking Spaces For Women Entrepreneurs In India

In 2011, Beyonce burst onto the scene to loudly proclaim who runs the world (“Girls!”). This message may have dimmed a bit but it still reverberates around the world in a hum. In 2014, Emma Watson brought it to the forefront again by asking, “How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or being welcomed to participate in the conversation?” in her now famous speech at the UN.

Fast forward to now, this effort to bring about change in every field (including coworking spaces) is being seen and heard more prominently now. Coworking spaces by default seem to be a step-ahead as most if not all spaces, focus on catering to entrepreneurs, freelancers and more, regardless of their gender.

However, the needs of men and women tend to differ after a certain point. Coworking spaces for women entrepreneurs today is the need of the hour. Coworking spaces are realizing that they are losing out on half of their user base simply because of the inability to cater to their non-work – but equally important – needs and requirements.

But women entrepreneurs everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief now, as there are more and more female oriented coworking spaces cropping up either run by women or definitely catering specifically to them as well. Read on!



“A coworking space by women, of women, for only women” reads the headline of their Quartz article, putting it succinctly. Based in Chennai, this is one of the popular coworking spaces for women catering to students, freelancers, academics and more. Besides offering the basics (wifi, coffee, etc.), WSquare has a two-prong approach to their customers – on one hand, they offer services such as creches, delivery of groceries or chopped vegetables and more. On the other hand, they also routinely host workshops and sessions on a variety of topics that could help their user base, from social media-related workshops to yoga sessions to branding workshops and more.

coworking spaces for women WSquare

2. myHQ

myHQ is one of the largest coworking space providers in India with 100+ coworking spaces and work cafes listed under them.

Coworking spaces are fully-furnished workspaces with all work amenities like unlimited wifi, free tea/coffee, free benefits worth 4 lacs etc. For a more casual work environment and for meetings, innovators use myHQ work cafes. Get amazing discounts and work amenities with myHQ coworking plans which are affordable and visit based.

Book your free trial at myHQ here.

coworking spaces for women myHQ


Have a look at some other inspiring coworking spaces here:


3. 91 Springboard

One of the main players in the coworking space industry, 91 Springboard is easily one of the best coworking spaces for women entrepreneurs. By creating their own Women Entrepreneur League, they focus on curating a host of events aimed at their female user base. Their goal is to provide a safe space where women entrepreneurs can be guided towards achieving success. They offer various means by which their female base can network, exchange information and grow together.

coworking spaces for women 91Springboard

4. Go Work

The name itself suggests to all their female customers to “go work” – they’ll take care of the rest. Go Work has paid attention to all the worries of their female entrepreneurs and have come up with a comprehensive plan of action to answer to them all. They not only have an upcoming creche facility to help all working mothers, they also organize various women-led initiatives such as counselling sessions, accelerator programs, mentoring sessions and more.

coworking spaces for women GoWork

5. Innov8

Innov8 offers an incredible workspace and is routinely featured among the best coworking spaces for women entrepreneurs in India. However, what makes them coworking working space for women entrepreneurs is simply their dedication towards this goal. “It’s our goal to host as many women founders as we can,” says Russel, Chief Marketing Officer. Innov8 has set out to achieve this by offering practical, everyday solutions (such as increased security evening-onwards, providing a women-friendly work environment) and long term solutions as well (such as launching ‘Innov84Women’, hosting events for SHEROES, Women Who Code and more).

coworking spaces for women Innov8


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6. The Mesh

Who better to provide one of the best coworking spaces for women entrepreneurs than a woman entrepreneur herself? The founder Deepti Kasbekar, created special packages for women entrepreneurs, night owls (with a package called Moonlighters Package) and social entrepreneurs. In addition to this, they also have a strong security system, a dedicated daycare centre where working mothers can leave their children and special meeting areas. Deepti emphasis on creating a flexible and a safe working environment for all as well as helping at least two startups on a monthly basis.

coworking spaces for women The Mesh

7. Fab Cafe

Recently launched Fab Cafe is a part of Fabindia’s flagship store, the Fabindia Experience Center. Fab Cafe is every foodie’s dream come true as Fabindia has highlighted India’s diverse cuisines. Snacks, smoothies, meals, desserts all made with organic ingredients are available for all. In addition to this, the Experience Center also has a separate play where parents can leave their children while they work. The play area is equipped with toys, visual games and more and has chaperones present, making it a safe option.

coworking spaces for women Fab Cafe


We are so grateful that finally the market is kicking up gears to create more and more convenient spaces for women dare to hustle and create a life that’s sustainable, independent and proud. If you’re really on a journey to live a balanced life both in your professional and your personal life, you’d love our post on how to keep yourself away from binging junk on your work desk.


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Q. What are some of the top Coworking Spaces in India?

A. The top coworking spaces include Innov8, Myhq, Cowrks, etc.


Q. How likely is a women facing issues at a coworking space in Delhi?

A. Well that’s a relative question, the challenges here are similar or less than the usual workplaces. If nothing, coworking spaces provide better opportunities to women entrepreneurs along with a nurturing work environment.


Q. Why do startups tend to choose a coworking space for their day to day operations over conventional office spaces in Delhi?

A. Well, from cost efficiency to amenities and a host of other things including work culture and opportunities to connect with like minded individuals from various other businesses, Startups find a coworking space more suitable than anywhere else for an option.


Q. What is the average cost of a seat at Coworking Spaces in Delhi?

A. Although, this number depends on various parameters and concerns like locality, the ambiance, the amenities and added benefits. But to narrow down to a specific amount, it will definitely be within 5-8K per month.


Q. How different is working at a cafe than a conventional coworking space?

A. Well, a coworking space is more like a more refined but dedicated workplace, where people come to work, whereas a work cafe is where you can go for leisure as well. Work cafes are comparably newer a concept, however, they offer similar amenities that a coworking space my provide.

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