13 Highly Effective And Engaging Facebook Post Ideas For Every B2C Business

Do you have a Facebook page to promote your business? A Facebook business page has many potential benefits and can help a brand build significant engagement if they work on the right Facebook post ideas. 

As of 2018, Facebook recorded more than 2.32 billion monthly active users. The platform has helped several brands generate increased sales and profits for their businesses. Marketers have identified different ways to use the platform and strive to stay updated on the latest statistics. 

An interesting Facebook statistic that may or may not surprise you is that India has the highest number of Facebook users in the world. As of January 2019, India had 300 million Facebook users. This makes it one of the ideal social media networks to use to raise brand awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth.


Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy making it the perfect channel for small to medium businesses with a limited marketing budget. The platform also allows you to segment your target audience and execute trial campaigns before committing to bigger ones. 

You can use Facebook to interact with existing and potential customers using unique and interesting Facebook post ideas. However, it is important to avoid using the platform aggressively to talk about your products and services. You must effectively use the various techniques to grab more eyeballs and reach for your Facebook page

Facebook can also be used to provide customer support, making it the easiest and fastest way to respond to after-sales questions. Many brands have been using the platform in a way that they have been able to achieve incredible success. Some of them are – Abercrombie & Fitch, Red Bull, Brilliant Earth, Budweiser, Cheetos, Mashable, Nike, Converse, Samsung, etc. Different post ideas have worked for these brands giving them the increased attention of users. 



13 highly effective Facebook post ideas for the B2C sector

These post ideas have been inspired by some of the top business out there:

1. Quotation

This is one of the easiest to execute Facebook post ideas. Users love good quotes and often share the ones that strike a chord in their hearts. Use simple tools to create quotes (keeping the copyrights in mind) and publish them on your page. With time, you will be able to understand the choices and preferences of your audience and you can pick future quotes with that in mind. 

2. Voting

Irrespective of the incentive involved, people love to argue and fight. But stay away from topics that can promote hate in the comments or require crisis management. Give people the option to choose between different products you sell. Show your products in comparison and let people vote for the product they like the most. This also works as a great idea to obtain feedback for your products.

3. Announcement

You must inform your target audience of any crucial updates such as new product, delivery or improvement. Have you recently introduced a new flavour or a new design? Share the story with your target audience and demonstrate why it is the best. 

4. Driving to other social media channels

Encouraging your audience to another social media platform where you are managing your business page is a good idea. This way you can get the audience to follow you on another platform as well. Many users use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and they should know that they can communicate with you via different sources. Nonetheless, overuse of this type of content should be avoided. You should only use it once in a while to inform your target audience of your presence here and there. 


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5. Offers and Discounts

Most brands promote special offers on their social media pages. It is a vital part of their social media strategy. By creating offers that are only for their social media followers, they give their fans and followers a feeling of recognition. Besides, it also acts as an interesting way of measuring conversion to understand the real impact of your social media efforts on shopping decisions. 

There are different ways in which you can promote an offer. The first is to share a password/discount code in your posts while the other is to make use of a special ad form ‘Offer’, which lets users get codes generated for their purchases by clicking on the ad. The latter is a better way and helps to generate increased website traffic. 

6. Contest

One of the most exciting Facebook post ideas to keep your social media presence flourishing is contests, as long as they are executed in the right way. Please keep in mind that several Facebook users participate in contests only because they are interested in grabbing freebies. They are not interested in interacting with your brand. Therefore, you need to be careful about how you manage and create your contests. 

A good strategy is to ideate a contest only for customers who have already purchased with your brand. This way you avoid the unpleasant situation of having hundreds of random participants who have no idea about the operations and offerings of your brand but are only playing to win. 

7. Behind-the-scenes

Showcasing the background of the brand and the people behind it helps to establish a human touch. Every employee has a story to share with their interesting experiences. Share them with your target audience to help build a personal attachment with your brand. Sometimes showing a little bit of humanity can work wonders for your company and its marketing strategy. 


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8. Link-sharing

Your audience is looking for value and you must offer the same by sharing some useful blog posts, reviews, industry updates, or articles that are directly or indirectly connected with your business. Generally, you must link to your website or blog but if you don’t have interesting content ready, you can share content from other websites, of course, not from competitors. 

9. Infographics

Although time-consuming to create, these graphics can have a great impact on your target audience. Infographics must not be very long and must also not be overloaded with information, because that can get difficult to comprehend, especially for mobile users. You can create simple infographics with crucial data and add a link to your website or blog where users can check the full version of it. You can also effectively use Facebook groups to market your business. 

10. Simple questions

This idea can do wonders. Ask your users some basic and direct questions and you will be surprised to see the kind and number of responses you receive. This information can be used to further establish a relationship with your customers.





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11. Tagging friends

Not always but once in a while, you must encourage your followers to tag their friends. This helps to grow your reach and enhance word-of-mouth marketing. 


12. Videos

Interactive content helps to grab the attention of the audiences. It is also highly shareable which helps in attaining higher reach and engagement. Preparation of videos is no longer challenging and can be done with the use of certain basic tools which is why you must give it a try. 

13. User-generated content

Sharing customer stories and their ideas can help develop brand loyalty. This is because customers feel gratified when they see a nice picture of them posted on your Facebook business page. They share this gratification on their profile and help you reach more and more users. They begin to act like your brand ambassadors.


With the help of the above-mentioned Facebook post ideas, you can generate increased reach, engagement, sales, and profits. Your Facebook business page can help you build your brand on social media. 


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Q. What are the benefits of Facebook marketing for startups?

A. The benefits vary for one situation to another. From cost-efficient ways for content distribution to personalised branding efforts and much more, Facebook marketing can be leveraged for better outreach, branding and lead generation, all at the same once.


Q. How much do Facebook ads cost?

A. Depending upon the kind of reachability desired, these ads cost from 70 cents to 10$ per click.


Q. What are the benefits of Facebook paid marketing?

A. From a focused approach to your target audience to cost-efficient marketing distribution, one can spread the word around its channels for different LOBs of marketing.

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