When you start a business, it isn’t difficult to manage your contacts and customers’ information. However, as the business expands, you need the support of the best CRM software in India. As your customers and employees increase, information is recorded across sticky notes, notepads, memories, and spreadsheets. As a result, chances of confusion, errors, and mismanagement are high. 

Business growth is an incredible accomplishment. But it brings with it the need to organize and collate information. Here, a CRM – Customer Relationships Management solution – plays an important role. It helps in the proper management of information. Moreover, it assists in tracking the client’s activity and feedback. 

What is a CRM system?

In simple words, Customer Relationships Management or CRM means improving your relationships with current customers. This is done primarily to retain customers. Additionally, CRM works on identifying prospects and winning past customers back. 

With the implementation of a CRM focused strategy, on-ground teams can improve customer relations. Thus, they can boost revenue, optimize marketing efforts, and maximize cross-selling and upselling efforts. Consequently, CRM software automates processes and helps your teams save precious time. 


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Benefits of CRM software

A small business can benefit from an investment in CRM software. It can significantly improve sales with features like: 

  • Lead automation: CRM software records lead data automatically. As a result, this eliminates the chances of human errors and the input of incorrect information.
  • Collation of customer information: A CRM system maintains the confidentiality of customer information. Therefore, you avoid a breach of customer security. 
  • Sales tracking: As the volume of sales increases, manually tracking the details of each transaction becomes challenging. On the other hand, CRM software tracks every sale and its information.
  • Improving sales: A CRM software closes deals faster. With improved communication across the sales funnel, you enjoy the benefits of better sales. 
  • Reports and analysis: CRM software also provides reports and analysis. These help in better planning for marketing and sales automation. 


Which is the best CRM software in India?

Today, there are hundreds of CRM solutions out there. These offer a wide range of features and pricing plans. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to choose one that is most suitable for your business. 

To ease the process of selection, here is a list of the 11 best CRM software in India:


1. EngageBay

engagebayEngageBay offers a host of full-stack products that help automate multiple processes for  businesses. The software is built with robust features to accommodate contacts, monitor sales performance, automate communication and processes, capture and nurture leads to improve and consolidate all user engagement on one platform.

The software is highly customizable allowing businesses to strategize, execute and opt-for solutions they need on a real-time basis to improve. From creating campaigns, monitoring your funnel, scheduling, improving and developing detailed insights, EngageBay CRM integrates multiple processes to best suit your objectives. Given the flexibility of the product, you can find detailed insights on how to best use the platform to generate an unparalleled customer experience. You can always start with a free trial of their CRM software!

Clients: GetApp, Capterra, Stormchasers Digital, Windowcity

Website: www.engagebay.com

2. Zoho

A top-rated CRM software in India, Zoho enables you to optimize sales activities, track leads, and close deals faster. The software is packed with useful features like sales productivity, sales performance, automation and enterprise readiness. Besides, it includes multi-channel communication and extensive customization. Therefore, it ensures that you sell better, faster, and smarter. 

Zoho CRM is the perfect tool for small and medium businesses and sole entrepreneurs. It lets you engage with clients on several platforms. The features of the software are sharp. They let you import prospects’ information from events like trade shows, webinars, and also seminars. 

Clients: KPMG, Times Internet, Apollo Hospitals, Mahindra, L’Oreal

Website: www.zoho.com

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is an exhaustive CRM solution. It includes essential features such as Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Email Integration, and Contact Management. Moreover, you can complete files sync and share, workflow and approvals, and sales forecasting. 

The Salesforce mobile app is available on iOS and Android. In other words, it enables you to obtain real-time information from dashboards. Also, the app enables your group to be productive in the office. 

Clients: KFC, Godrej, DTDC, HCL, CEAT

Website: www.salesforce.com


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4. Freshsales

Freshsales includes the standard tools of CRM software and is a single CMS to manage many leads. The tool is embedded with advanced features like call recording, call routing, auto-dialers, as well as affiliate management. Additionally, the solution lets you verify and distribute leads across several communication channels. It enables your sales team to track emails and understand when they have been opened. 

Most importantly, Freshsales is one of the best CRM software in India because it lets you follow previous discussions. You can read past conversations with prospects and use the information to devise future communication strategies. 

Clients: Dyson, Flyrobe, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Khipu, Joblift

Website: https://www.freshworks.com/freshsales-crm/

5. Maple CRM

Maple CRM is a popular solution for SMBs. It offers a comprehensive view of your sales and marketing performance. The product helps to improve relations and retain customers. Maple CRM is packed with interesting features like team management and access control, workflow automation, and automated lead assignment. Besides, it makes the process easier with an invoice and quotation builder. 

Clients: Philips, GE Healthcare, CanApprove Consultancy Services, Indian Academy, Campus World International

Website: https://www.maplecrm.com/

6. SalesBabu CRM

SalesBabu allows you to improve engagement with customers. It is loaded with attractive features that help you increase sales and revenue. These features include inventory management, expense and payroll management, and GST billing.

It also includes customer helpdesk and after-sales service. You can use SalesBabu CRM to automate your business needs. 

Clients: BU Solar Solutions, Trustworthy Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Sparkonix, Auma, Jumboking

Website: https://www.salesbabu.com/

7. SalezShark

SalezShark helps you develop productive sales strategies and obtain actionable customer insights. It is one of the best CRM software in India for startups and small businesses. Moreover, it helps in building better relationships with customers to improve sales.

It includes incredible features like marketing automation, unified data solution, relationship intelligence, and sales automation. 

Clients: Eli India, Nasscom, HealthAssure, Mahindra World City, Voltas

Website: https://www.salezshark.com/


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8. Agile CRM

best crm softwares in india - Agile CRMAgile CRM is easy-to-use software with advanced features and integrations. It combines sales and marketing features to deliver complete customer engagement and better selling.

Moreover, it boasts of features like appointment scheduling, email tracking, mobile tracking, marketing automation, project management, and telephony. 


Clients: Indeed, TNW – The Next Web, PeoplePerHour, Fidelity Bank, Basesuit

Website: https://www.agilecrm.com/

9. Nextsky Sales

Nextsky Sales is a manufacturer-focused software solution. It is embedded with necessary features such as lead tracking and alerts, invoice generation and deal management. Furthermore, it supports sales management and contact management. Thus, it is the ideal software for high-velocity teams.

It ensures that you are in a better position to monitor user behaviour. Lastly, the product helps you optimize sales operations.

Clients: Adarsh Nagri Sahkari Society, Amit Tours & Travels, EtchON Marks Control, Yeshshree Group of Companies, Modi Innovations

Website: http://www.nxtsky.com/nextsky_sales.html


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10. Cratio CRM

With attractive and useful features, Cratio CRM is a complete solution to improve marketing and sales performance. It allows you to execute email and website tracking, lead management, automated drip marketing, workflow rules, and automation. Moreover, the software has a mobile-ready version making it easier for you to manage information on-the-go. 

Clients: Redington, DHFL Pramerica, Grohe, Bharat Petroleum, Murugappa

Website: https://cratiocrm.com/

11. Tentacle

Tentacle is a cloud-based software. It is most suitable for small and medium businesses. The product offers 24×7 online support and is one of the best CRM software in India. Besides, it helps sales teams improve productivity, customer service, reduce operating expenses, manage leads, and monitor salesforce. 

Clients: La belle, Indusind Bank, Aviva, ICICI Prudential, Talwalkars

Website: https://www.tentaclecloud.com/


Wrapping Up

Small and medium businesses use CRM software for a large number of benefits. Originally, CRM software and its features were designed keeping in mind sales and PR professionals. It provided businesses with a convenient way to organize and track communication. However, with the changing environment and industry, the solutions have developed further. 

Now, the solutions help with marketing, communication, customer relationships management, as well as intermediate project management. A few CRM software solutions also come with chatbot and calling capabilities. This makes it easier for reps since they can use the system to directly communicate with clients.


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