11 Coolest Startup Offices In India You Wish You Worked At

“Our environment, the world in which we live in and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” – Earl Nightingale.

Every single entrepreneur is very much aware of the struggle to stay inspired. And it’s not constricted to just the entrepreneurs but extends to their team members as well! How does one constantly stay inspired and inspire other’s as well? More importantly, how does one raise their team’s morale if your drab office space is bringing you down? They’ve already made their decision to splash out on a creative space of their own. A safe haven for their startup and its vision and it has us whistling wistfully at them! Don’t believe us? Check out this list on cool startup offices in India then!

1. Truly Madly

Truly Madly, an app that is dedicated to helping people find love, has an office that reflects that philosophy. Their main office in Delhi has been designed in the sleekest and the polished way possible, with interiors that foster a casual environment but remind that “finding love anywhere” is possible! An open area for working with only a few closed rooms (mostly for meetings) and a casual “Snack Bar”, lit up with fun-n-funky colors completes the whole office.


2. Hike

Hike, India’s first messaging app, has an office that ‘sends’ (see what we did there?) that message across! They have taken every precaution possible to ensure that their staff members are leading a healthy lifestyle. From a cozy nap room with “Good Vibes Only” emblazoned across the wall to an open cafeteria with a huge screen, doubling up as a space for meetings, to a gym – they’ve planned it all out. When the passion is fueling your adrenaline at all hours, you need all kinds of ways to recuperate and keep up. Hike knows is and is ready for it!


3. SutraHR

A startup office that is truly unlike any other! The design of this office is completely unique to them. From fairy lights to pictures of employees hung up on the wall (also decorated with pretty lighting), they’ve created an incredibly homey-y feel for all their team members. But don’t be fooled, SutraHR ensures that their team morale is flying at an all-time high with inspirational posters, brainstorming areas and more.



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4. Posist

Posist office takes inspiration from everywhere and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that the humor and morale are high. Bright colors, Marvel superhero posters, glass partitions, plush seating areas altogether make up for an incredibly fun and a cheerful workplace for their team members.



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5. AdPushup

AdPushup has an incredibly strong and bonded team which helped form the office as it is today. Located in Pitampura and sprawled out across a whole floor, the team designed their office together which consists of a conference room, cabins, a recreational area and a reception and a separate area for quick power naps (with bunk beds!) as well.



6. Nearbuy

Formerly known as GroupOn, Nearbuy got the kind of upgrade that everybody dreams of and it definitely lands a place on the “cool startup offices” list. Initially working out of their humble abode in Saket, Nearbuy moved to a sprawling office in Gurugram. In addition to the 32 conference rooms, they’ve got a cafeteria reminiscent of the Great Hall from the Harry Potter movies with five-spread lunches and snacks being served daily. Colorful walls and windows are a given (we are talking about startup offices here!), along with a designated recreational area with table tennis, PlayStation, TV lounge and more.


7. Chumbak

Known for the “quirk” factor and bright colors, Chumbak office (also known as “Chumbak Studios”) reflects this particular ideology in their decor as well. An office that is bustling with colors, interesting lights, a big team, 1 dog (Hugo) and 1 fish – this is one office that truly and happily embodies their quirkiness in their office.



8. Ibibo

Ibibo has seen their teams giving their work their very best, so they have ensured that they provide the very best to their teams. This, of course, translates to a bright and colourful office with motivational sayings painted on various walls. A colourful conference room plus a scenic view from the office and you’ve got yourself an inspired team!



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9. Freshdesk

Did you know that Freshdesk has their whole office following one theme and it has nothing to do with their work? Their theme has to do with … drumroll, please… Rajnikanth the Superstar! Based in Chennai, this super cool office startup office has clubbed the ‘feel’ of a startup with ample amounts of beanbags, zero cubicles, an “r&r” area with a foosball table and more. No doubt, Freshdesk is the one to feature on a list of cool startup offices any time of the day.



10. Myntra

They might be a tech startup dealing with fashion, but they have ensured that they do not forget their vision. Inspired by the Mondrian Dress Collection (a collection of dresses designed by French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian), their entire office features art. In addition to this, they have designed their office very much like a fashion house. Featuring a fashion and magazine department for their editors, a live ramp, gym, a recreational area as well as an incredible cafeteria this office makes one salivate at the possibility of working here.



11. POPxo

PopXO is the startup that caters exclusively to women, catering to their every need and query. Proudly flaunting their patent pink color, the office is nestled in between a myriad of shops and places in Hauz Kahz – easily one of the most happening places in Delhi. Inside their office, however, the place blooms and you can see the various different areas of their open-plan office, cordoned off for various different departments. With collaborative spaces where team members share tables and no cubicles, POPxo’s office is definitely a dream office!



Did we miss out on any of your favourite which could be featured in our list of kickass cool startup offices in India? Ah, do you work at a cooler office not featured on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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